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I will pay more for electricity

Energy companies have called for an increase in electricity prices, the minister announced that all households will receive full compensation, but the fact is that we will eventually pay more for the energetic failure of politicians.

For the next year's households began fighting for electricity prices. The Energy Regulatory Office received the results of four major electricity suppliers in relation to the amount of tariffs in 2019. Although official news on the next year's price list is not yet available, it is unofficially known – what "Dziennik Gazeta Prawna" – these energy companies want the households to pay up to 30% of electricity. More than 2018. Does this mean that we should be prepared to increase the big bills next year?

According to the law, the price list proposals should still be approved by the Energy Regulatory Office. He is the president of energy companies that decides whether the demands for a raise are justified. The problem is, the case is deeply saturated with politics. Let us begin with the fact that the four companies (PGE, Tauron, Enea, Energa) are controlled by the State Treasury and are actually a state-funded monopoly on the market. The head of this office is being politicized at the UREA appointed by the prime minister. In theory, all of these five assets must act independently, but generally a smaller policy must match the larger one.

I will pay more for electricity

Silence of choice over flow

Energy companies seemed to have a lot of motivation to fight for increases. The cost of energy production increases due to increased CO2 emissions and more expensive coal prices, and therefore, compensation for companies should be paid in the form of price increases for customers. This approach was supported by the ERO President, which, in the light of cost increases, deliberately led to the deterioration of the economic situation. "

However, the political theme of autumn was local government elections, so the rise in electricity prices was uncomfortable for politicians in the ruling party. The companies reluctantly talked about price increases in households, or even – in August as Energa – they did not intend to raise tariffs. On October 13, Prime Minister Morawiecki announced that there were no household hikes even in the Energy Regulatory Office. The President of the Energy Regulatory Office, in September, suggested that the tariff increase could be justified.

Know the grace of the citizen.

Soon after, the government realized that the theme under the carpet could not be further corrected. The increase in costs and the expectation of further increase next year were important enough for the government to change its rhetoric slightly. Minister Tchórzewski began to allow small price increases in his statements. However, foreseen – perhaps next year will be held next year because of parliamentary elections frozen on the horizon – compensation. The idea was that the price increase would cover the household's households.

In October, Prime Minister Morawiecki said URE is not working on electricity increases. Now Minister Tchórzewski wants to make up for the expensive energy problem

– Invoice will not change, accounts will be made by the supplier. These will be subsidies to be included in the budget, a fund will be created to make it happen – the minister said yesterday. – The invoice will not change, the buyer will pay the same amount, will receive the same bill – he stressed. At first, only the lowest participants were talked about, Tchórzewski, who served on Tuesday, said everyone would get paid. The "grace" of the government stems from the fact that the entrance of a system that distinguishes the Poles is too expensive.

Compensation means that ERO will greatly increase household electricity prices for 2019. Poles were no longer allowed to warm up to the eyes that there was no expensive electrical problem, but they were still soaped because they would not be exposed to any cost. Yes, they will. And even though compensation. It is worth paying attention in three respects here.


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