Tuesday , July 27 2021

Gorzów Wielkopolski. Tragedy in the playroom. 9 year old died

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The tragedy took place on Saturday, November 10th. & # 39; Gazeta Lubuska & # 39; As reported by the 9-year-old in the playroom, the child lost consciousness after about 3 minutes of play and lost. The children on the site moved to help the child. An ambulance was called.

The testimony of the event is described in the & # 39; GL & # 39; There was no accident during the interview. – The kid didn't shoot. This is a fainting – he adds.

The 9-year-old's death will be announced by an autopsy on Tuesday. Prosecutor Roman Witkowski did not rule out that we will also learn the preliminary results.
RadioZET.pl/Gazeta Lubelska / DG

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