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Google Maps will have its own messenger


Thursday, 15 November 2018 13:25, Written by MP

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What would he serve for?

Google has recently invested heavily in the power of engineers and programmers to improve Map applications. Almost every time the application is used for navigation, new functions are taking, the other is in preparation – this time a chat to be placed directly into the program. What is this option available for? The answer seems to be a logical idea to look simple and objectively.

Mobile Google Maps, available on Android and iOS, will have a dedicated communication device that allows direct contact with companies. In the section marked "Messages", users will be able to talk to shops, restaurants and other service providers' representatives. The whole process has been simplified and features are minimized – to allow just to send and receive messages. Users may request opening times, product availability, and other items quickly – exactly as in Facebook now.

Google's plan is to replace phone calls that are more interesting than the simple conversation the app offers. The conversation history must be stored in the tab above, so that you can return anytime and at any time. How will entrepreneurs react to this function? Completely unknown – it is possible to have many does not use the message option and put it into other communication channels. We're going to have to wait for the first reaction of people on the "other side."

Google has progressively implemented the Map News feature, and its availability will be different from our region. The first (and right) critics show that the maps of the American giant are transformed into an overloaded, overloaded practice. You will get more resources on mobile devices.

Can you use the option described in Poland?

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