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Even Queen Elizabeth was desperate. The real face of Meghan Markle


Meghan Markle and her husband have certainly not complained about apathy in recent months. Although there was nothing new to Prince Harry, his wife had to learn to take too much responsibility on their shoulders. Over time, the young princess began to feel so self-confident that she reversed the entire royal court.

Meghan Markle is currently a central figure when it comes to any report on the British royal family. After explaining that Sussex's duchess was expecting a child, the wave of popularity grew even more.

It turns out Harry has a lot of trust in his wife's actions. There are reports from the Royal Palace that more people cannot cope with their behavior.

Is Meghan Markle cruel? Other people are moving away from him

Meghan Markle and Harry are very busy right now. With the youngest enemy accustomed to the laws governing the life of the British monarchy, the couple immediately began to perform their duties. They began to appear together at various formal events, and there were cases where Meghan only represented the royal family.

Moreover, he won this record at high speed. Her first solo public appearance came earlier than Kate Middleton's debut as the highly acclaimed character on the subject. Despite more and more advanced pregnancy, the duchess will not behave like early. On the contrary, your work speed is even more curving.

Unnamed informants, who collaborate with Meghan, reported that they were ruthless in the methods they had adopted in their relations with their colleagues. The downsizing of tasks and the tremendous pressure from indulgence sought to ensure that several people resigned from maintaining their professional relationship with Meghan. One of them is an assistant that can no longer bear mentally.

– Melissa is a highly skilled, highly professional person. He played a key role in organizing a couple's wedding and will definitely be lost – the Daily Mail official said.



Zbigniew Wodecki boast about it! We didn't know him that well.

Soda juice hit his head?

But this is the beginning of the problems of Buckingham Palace, linked to the "moods" of the Duchess. The dismissal was also decided by Samantha Cohen, who had worked with the royal family for several years. Also, it was reported that the prince couple was looking for another two people to work.

It's unofficially said that Meghan Markle has changed a lot for a while. Even such courageous claims stem from the fact that the soda struck its head and demanded too much for its colleagues. British newspapers argue that even the intervention of Elisabeth II cannot help the enemy to moderate their ambitious ambitions.


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