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Coronavirus. Minister Niedzielski on restrictions and vaccinations

  • – If you ask me if we can go back to the time before the epidemic, no. We will not be back. Never – Niedzielski told TVN24 reporters
  • He also stated that a travel ban is not certain that people will be a reason to stay at home. – I believe the biggest cause is over 600 deaths a day – he evaluated
  • What might the next few days and months look like? – If we think that we will vaccinate in parallel and actually speed up the vaccines, I think we will have some kind of population immunity before the summer vacation. ”
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Niedzielski, among others, about vaccines for people over 40. – I believe we should communicate well that the vaccination registries of persons over 40 years old who made such a request in January begin before starting these registrations. The minister said this was combined with the problems Minister Dworczyk himself mentioned. – Today (Thursday, April 1) I was similarly surprised when I suddenly heard from Professor Horban that the curfew would be imposed – “no such decision has been made in the government. Tell the people,” he said.

The Minister of Health also admitted in an interview with TVN24 journalists that he is “afraid” of the upcoming Easter holidays, above all “people will visit their families, people they haven’t seen for a long time.” He also said that if a travel ban was imposed, it is uncertain that most people would stay at home.

– I believe that the biggest cause is over 600 deaths a day. It is these numbers that affect people’s decisions more than prohibitions and orders. The government’s policy today is that when there is room to impose restrictions, we introduce them, and when there is room to relax, we will take the risk, at least to give some “normality” – he said.

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Niedzielski: Some people deny the epidemic. Hard to win with this

Adam Niedzielski also admitted that the government is considering further restrictions. But why doesn’t the government want to ban travel? – We cannot ignore the environment in which we operate. As a rule, certain groups object to our decisions and restrictions. Unfortunately, they do not fall on the ground of a disciplined society that perceives restrictions as a clear sign that things are wrong. She said sorry.

– Something that worked a year ago is not working so effectively today due to social lack of discipline. We see this when analyzing social mobility. The effect is not as great as we would like. When we said “stay at home” a year ago, we saw people from telephone operators staying at home. Unfortunately, the situation is different today. Therefore, I will say frankly: the statement that liberation is imposed more restraint is a wrong approach to the matter – evaluated.

Today’s social climate is such that an excuse – and such strict restrictions – is enough to fill the streets with protesters. Then we lose control over who gets infected and when – Niedzielski continued, “People are frustrated.

– Stronger belief that some dangers and situations do not concern me. Some of them defend themselves by denying them against the epidemic. And it’s hard to win against it. But it makes sense to explain that the mask and distance will protect us – it reassured.

Population immunity? Minister of Health: We will experience something like this before the holiday

So what might the next few days look like? – The resort area must be the top. I’m talking about the number of infections, then in 7-10 days the peak of hospitalization will come. Unfortunately, there will be an increase in deaths afterwards. Looking at the fact that we will vaccinate in parallel and actually speed up vaccines, I think we will have some kind of population immunity before the summer holidays – minister in the near future.

However, according to Adam Niedzielski, there is no return to the normality known before the pandemic. – If you ask me if we can go back to the time before the epidemic, no. We will not be back. I never told TVN24 journalists. – We will never go back to earth before the pandemic. Some of us will always wear masks and keep our distance for fear of infection – he decided.

As he said, “we have to be aware of the threat and be sure” in the form of new coronaviruses or their mutations. – If you ask me whether today’s 50-40-year-old generation will live under the threat of an epidemic to the end of their days, the answer is absolutely yes,

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