Monday , January 18 2021

Che³M. The PKP intercity train only had one wagon. Passengers jumped through the windows

November 12th was a day off, but the passengers of Chełm remember it in a completely different way. At the station Che³m Miasto drove a TLK train "Ogiñski", which was less than expected.

The station probably established one of the shortest periods of PKP intercity history. The locomotive and a wagon. You can adjust the effects. As explained by the portal, including pictures of an unusual composition, the conductor even had a train exit.

The train was overcrowded, but at the end of the conductor, the passengers passed on: passengers who do not have seats in this car should be able to enter in order for passengers with seats to enter. "

It was chaotic again because once a small person wanted to get rid of the wagon (one!) And some only tried to jump on him. And literally:

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