Tuesday , August 9 2022

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of independence Hemp Gru


Celebrating the 100th anniversary of independence Hemp Gru

photo: Paweł Fabjański

A new song was recorded by Hemp Gru along with Second Street Side: Independent Art participants. The song titled "Niepodległa" was honored to commemorate the centenary of Poland's independence. Young, Bilon, Kamil ZBS, Wilku and Czaku, verses, Swede SWD & 5thka, Piti and Gągi are responsible for the musical layer.

This week, Kasta and Voskovy published their works together with the workshop participants. The "Memory" number with clip is displayed on the UrbanEecTV channel.

The Other Side of the Street – Independent Art is a nationwide series of music workshops and graphic design dedicated to commemorating the 100th anniversary of Poland's restoration of Independence. As part of the project, carefully selected participants have the opportunity to work together creatively under the supervision of well-known and respected artists. So far, the project has participated: Czarny / HIFI, Eldo (Grammatik), Forin, Hemp Gru, Magiera (White House), Peja, Szwed SWD, Voskova and Waldemar Kast. The impact of workshops, occasional works with limited music videos and cover designs.

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