Thursday , June 30 2022

AMD grows in the processor market ::


AMD is getting better and better. Mercury Research analytics gave information about Lisa's position in the processor market. The amount of data provided is not large, but we can notice that there is a certain regularity on the basis – AMD is consistently gaining shares among others. Intel's price.

The Mercury Research report for the third quarter of this year shows the share of reds in the global x86 market (except for the Internet of Things segment). 10.6 percent. This means a 1.5 percentage points increase over the quarter and a 3.1 percentage point increase to one year per year. percent. In fact, the only competitor in this segment is Intel, but the shares of the blue ones also fell the same way.

AMD Ryzen

AMD gets stronger in the desktop segment 13 percent market. They are 0.8 and 2.1 points respectively. percent. More about the second quarter of this year and the results from the third quarter of 2017. Even better, the situation appears in the segment of the laptop that has been neglected by the Lisy Su company over the years.

Here we are talking about level 10.9 percent2.1 points. quarter and 4.1 points by quarter. more than a year. Increases are therefore higher than desktop computers. Analysts point to a clear increase in demand for Ryzen processors (check prices hereAt the same time, thanks to the low chip, it was also dependent on downright attractiveness.

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