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Amazing Samsung's announcement. Do we still expect the phone to remain on the screen?


The introduction of the iPhone X, which does not want to change the smartphone market. Apple offered a characteristic, unsatisfactory cut at the top of the screen. However, Apple's compromise has turned into a new fashion in the market.

"Notch" is the trend of placing so-called smartphones on smartphones, so only one of the biggest companies that have not applied this solution to the manufacturers has applied to Samsung.

The convenience, however, is that the Korean manufacturer decides to use a bad add-on on upcoming smartphones. During the Samsung Developer Conference, the company announced that they are considering new solutions that will appear on their smartphones in 2019.

And there are four different solutions. The conference showed how the Samsung notchend would look:

Samsung Developer ConferenceSamsung Developer Conference Photograph by BP

In the first case, the Infinity will be a small "drop" that appears on a screen called the U notch, for example an Essential smartphone. The second project is still in the & # 39; V & # 39; It reminds me of the letter. Third, it is a circular "hole" on the screen away from the edge of the smartphone.

In the fourth case, in the New Infinity, Samsung is trying to completely eliminate the presence of notes. Unfortunately, we do not know any information about the location of the camera and the sensors.

However, some time ago about the work of Koreans leaked information about hiding them under the AMOLED panel. If the company put the final concept into practice, it would probably fall to the tenth.

For now, however, Samsung doesn't want to show any details about certain phone models where the notch appears. It is quite a surprise to disclose the purpose of its use only because Samsung has avoided prolonged use of inconspicuous cuts at the expense of slightly larger frames.

We have to wait next year for more information.

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