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Agnieszka Radwanska's greatest achievements


  • On Wednesday, aged 29, Agnieszka Radwańska completed his 13 year old sports career
  • During all his adventures with tennis, he won 20 professors, but he is not a grandchild
  • Despite this, you will find the best Polish tennis player and the seven important moments of his career below.

The term ends when the tennis player Agnieszka Radwanska leaves his racket. An era in which intelligence can overcome power. Abbreviations, lobes, strikes from a deep trash, a brighter intention of the opponents and impossible to hit impossible balls. That was Agnieszka's tennis. Just extraordinary.

After 29-year-old Polka announced the end of his career, his colleagues from the court reacted on social media. British Sheather Watson laughed, "The game always looked good, but playing against you was the worst," he laughed. "You can be proud of yourself, we will miss you," said Caroline Wo "niacki. "Thanks Aga, a great competitor and a friend, it was a pleasure to share the dressing room and tennis court with you, I wish it was one of the coolest people on the tour, I will always remember our jokes" – wrote Petra Kvitova.

However, fans were remembered to commemorate the Krakow artists. According to the ranking, the winner of the 20 WTA tournament offer the most important events in his career.

1. Wimbledon 2012 final: Challenging love

Although it is almost impossible to play on a grass court in our country, Radwańska quickly fainted on the green surface. In 2005, as the second Pole in history, young people won in Wimbledon, and a year later, in their first exit on Church Road, stayed in the 4th round. In later years, he played twice in the semi-finals and once in the finals in the quarterfinals in London.

2012 came to the decisive game. When he came to the capital of Great Britain six years ago, Radwańska's account was not yet in the semifinals. When it became clear that he would meet Maria Kirilenko in the struggle for promotion to the four, the desire of the fans increased. Fortunately, the three hundredth war that was interrupted by the rain was transferred from court # 1 to the central object, and "Isia" decided in his favor. At the next meeting he defeated Angelique Kerber and defeated Serena Williams in his title. In the cold, the third party, state 2: 2, Agnieszka resisted the American woman, but lost.

Paradoxically, it was the year after the final success. Sabine Lisicki had a 3: 0 lead in the semifinals, and Marion Bartoli was waiting in the finals, and Radwańska had a balance of 7-0. Unfortunately, the Cracovian woman was defeated by a Polish landing. Unfortunately, there was an unusual opportunity for a historic victory in the Grand Slam. Remember, Adam Małysz did not win the Olympic gold medal, but questioned the size of the jump and the size of the Polish sports world …

2nd Champions Tournament 2015 Victory: Best of the Best

The first part of 2015 brought the first crisis in the career of our best tennis player. Polish woman unblocked on English grass in June. After the final in Eastbourne, the Wimbledon semi-finals (Garbin disappeared after a nice battle against Muguruza) and most of the Radwański sisters continued until the end of the season. This allowed him to perform at the WTA Finals event crowning the season. Singapore began with a defeat in the championship tournament group stage in Polka, with Maria Szarapowa and Flavia Pennetta, but Simona allowed Aleppo to win with the second semi-finals by winning better than the opposing teams. He defeated Muguruza in London and proved better in the finals than Petra Kvitova.

– In April, someone told me I was going to win, and I wouldn't. This is the result of Grand Slam. It's harder because it's the best eight players in the world. No easy match – "Isia" said. In total, he appeared in the Masters eight times. For the first time in 2009 made a replacement. Last played two years ago.

3. Victories on Maria Szarapowa: High class approval

From the fifteen meeting with the Russian woman, Radwańska won only two. But both have allowed him to break some obstacles in his career. In the third round of the US Open Network in 2007, he defeated the name-defending Szarapowa. After this victory, he had no doubts that no one could afford big things, so it was no coincidence that he hit the cover of the New York Times. She also had the right to go shopping, to make herself and her sister make new handbags. Another win with "Masha" came in Miami in the spring of 2012. In the finals of the tournament, Poland's Grand Slam's fifth left called Poland, 7: 5, 6: 4 triumphed, and while posing in court, the soap bubbles flew with it. Dreams of luck, luckily, did not break. Florida wins "Isia" endorsed its membership at the top of the world.

4. Youth titles in London and Paris: Combination of water and fire

In June 2005, Agnieszka was the best of Warsaw's ITF rank tournament in Ursynów and was watched by a handful of spectators. A dozen or so days passed, and all of Poland heard the little krakowianka. Radwańska won Junior Wimbledon on the surface of his favorite grass.

The following year, the French Open won the victory without losing a set in the French Youth! Looking back, it's hard to believe that it feels so good on the ground. After all, at the end of his career, he had already given up flour.

5. Double victories in Tokyo and Beijing: Ninja takes action

Radwańska scored 20 points in WTA tournaments and scored nine points in Asia. Twice he was the best in Beijing and Tokyo. One of his aliases was associated with Asia. Although not a Japanese warrior, the term "ninja" only belonged to him. He was the author of the most beautiful and unstable games. He was able to react quickly to every move of the opponent.

6. Win with Anastasia Myskina in 2006: "Isia" presents himself to the world

When Radwańska Junior won Wimbledon in 2005, the experts still remembered the victory of Aleksandra Olsza and Magdalena Grzybowska in the words of the Juniors in the 90's. He did not crown his queen at the same time. We believed in the size of "Isia" in May 2006 when he entered the J & S Cup with a wild card. In the first match of the WTA cycle, he eliminated French Open champion Anastasia Myskina in Warszawianka courts and rose to the quarterfinals. In it, Jelena scared Dementiew. In each newspaper you will find a conversation with his father, Robert, who plays the silhouette of a new star and the role of an instructor. Great tennis adventure …

7. Australian Open 2014: Dreams Party

In our opinion, Radwańska played the best set in his career in the Australian Open in the quarterfinals of 2014. He was with Wiktoria Azarenka. Belorussian ranked second and won seven more matches with Agnieszka before the shooting in Melbourne. Still, Polka was inspired. In the first set, he lost only one game, but the second game ended with the victory of Azarenka 7: 5. Our champion was great. In the decisive game everything went out and reached zero! Unfortunately, Dominika Cibulkova did not have enough power for the semi-final. Despite this, the performances in the Australian Radwańska can remember very well. He's been six times quarter-finals or more.

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