Monday , January 18 2021

$ 12 million penalty for sharing Nintendo games ROMs

$ 12.23 million – The amount of damages given to the ROMAs of the Arizona court from the marriage of the party for Nintendo.

A Japanese company is known for its very careful protection of intellectual property – Nintendo They even forbade the fans to create amateur games with characters from official games.

Dev also does not hide that the legal department cannot sleep peacefully if they are in the network. Games ROMs Consoles created by Nintendo.

Nintendo fights with rum pages

The leading party of the marriage has denied the culprit – deliberate and unintentional – as a result of sharing Nintendo games online. For many users emulators This is the only chance to play the game – hardware (and physical copies of titles) is no longer available.


Nintendo filed a lawsuit before the decision was announced – some others disappeared from the network sites ROM & # 39; larla. They probably thought they could be targeted by Japanese companies.

In practice, the amount that marriage will have to pay would be much smaller – the parties to the dispute often include: settlement large quantities become significantly lower.

service hotfile, According to the Court's decision, he had to pay MPAA $ 80 million to accommodate pirated content has been donated by a 20-fold lower amount, after an agreement was made.

A roundup of sites on the ROM can be the result of the discovery of passion. retro games Nintendo has already updated NES and SNES consoles – and manufacturers can win a lot Sony PlayStation Classic.

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