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The best Black Friday smart home packages you can buy this week

Black Friday comes in just a few days and is one of the best times of the year to buy smart home devices. With deals such as retailers Amazon, Best Buy, Target and WalmartIt's easy enough to get a sweet discount on a new gadget or two – but what if you take advantage of savings and try to get all in?

This trick is to find a collection of discounted tools that play well with each other – and hey, our years of experience testing smart home devices in CNET Smart Home is here!

At this point, I've listened to my curatorial account of Black Friday's smart home bundles, all of which we've seen together on the best of opportunities. From smart kitchens to smart security, from Alexa to Apple HomeKit, we've received many suggestions for value for money on this Black Friday.

Oh, and if you want to see a complete list of all the smart home appliances we found this week, click here.

  • The opportunities were updated and verified by Wednesday 21st November.
  • Please note that CNET & # 39; s may receive a share of the revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.

The final bargain installation is $ 177 (save $ 106)

Emerson Sensi Smart Thermostat for Newegg at $ 89 (Save $ 40, available November 22)
CNET review score: 7.4

Lifx Multicolor Wi-Fi Smart Bulb for Best Buy $ 40 (Save $ 20, available November 22)
CNET review score: 8.4

TP-Link Case Smart Plug in Newegg $ 23 for two packs ($ 16 savings, current 23 November)
CNET review score: 7.8

Google Home Mini with GE Smart Smart Smart for $ 25 in Lowe ($ 30 savings, current 23 November)
CNET review score: 8.4

I would like to start with some excellent suggestions from my brave colleague Sarah Mitroff. an awesome Black Friday smart home starter pack for only $ 110. I've done a few adjustments and came up with a smart light bulb that changes color for your living room, a Bluetooth smart light bulb for your bedroom, a smart thermostat, two smart plugs and a Google Home Mini smart speaker that you can control. all of them. Total amount: $ 177.

the meat-photos-1

Chris Monroe / CNET

A smarter kitchen – with pots – $ 488 ($ 358 savings)

Anova Wi-Fi Sous Vide Circulator for $ 100 for Best Buy (save $ 60 now)
CNET review score8.0

Best Price for $ 100 Lenovo 8-inch Smart Screen (save $ 100 now)
CNET review score: 8.6

Google Home Mini and 30 pieces Delicious Cookware in Walmart for $ 99 (Save $ 130, available November 22)
CNET review score: 8.4

WeMo Mini Smart Plug $ 20 Get Best Price ($ 10 savings, available 22 November)
CNET review score8.0

Walmart at $ 60 & Instant Pot Lux ($ 39 savings, current 23 November)
CNET review score: 7.4

Meater Plus Smart Meat Thermometer Two Pack for $ 110 at Amazon (Save $ 19, available 23 November)
CNET review score: 7.0 (previous generation)

Would you like some tech-assisted cooking help next year? Think of this combination of the perfect Instant Pot Lux pressure cooker, an Anova sous vide circulator that's outstanding to bring the meats to a perfect temperature, a WeMo Mini smart plug that can automate your reliable coffee machine, two meat meat thermometer. A delicious 30-piece cookware set with a delicious Google Home Mini for Lenovo Smart Display for voice-activated recipe apps from Google Now and a good measurement. Total amount: $ 488.


Chris Monroe / CNET

A fun, functional Apple HomeKit installation for $ 618 ($ 180 savings)

Ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat for Amazon $ 139 (Save $ 30 now)
CNET review score8.0

Apple HomePod for Best Home $ 249 (Save $ 100, available November 22)
CNET review score: 7.9

Nanoleaf Rhythm Starter Kit with Nanoleaf Remote (save $ 50 now)
CNET review score: 7.9

Apple HomePod doubles as a dedicated HomeKit center that lets you control your Siri-based smart home beyond your Wi-Fi network. And, if you're planning to use this Black Friday deal through HomePod, consider placing Nanoleaf's color-changing HomeKit-friendly LED light panels on the wall.

With the included rhythm accessory, you will be able to dance in rhythm with any music you play on HomePod, and if you buy it from Nanoleaf in Black Friday, the company will have a 12-sided feature. Nanoleaf Remote allows you to assign lighting scenes or HomeKit scenes to both sides, then rotate this side upward to trigger them. Discard the perfect Ecobee3 Lite smart thermostat for Siri to control heating and cooling, and your HomeKit installation will be turned off for a loud start. Total amount: $ 618.

simplisaf A-singlesendmb-625x350usjc

simplisaf to

$ 429 ($ 339 savings) to install a smart-minded smart home

August $ 120 August Smart Lock from August (Save $ 29, available November 22)
CNET review score: 7.5

Best Buy Ring Video Doorbell with Amazon Echo Dot for $ 139 2 (Save $ 110, available November 22)
CNET review score: 7.4

SimpliSafe, Home Security System with Best Buy SimpliCam $ 170 (Save $ 200, available November 22)
CNET review score: 8.5

Best buyer's Black Friday discounts in SimpliSafe starter kits are some of the best smart home deals of the season – for example, $ 170 net base station, keypad, four on / off sensor, motion detector and free independent SimpliCam to boot. Add SimpliSafe compatible August Smart Lock and the excellent Ring Video Doorbell 2 and you're looking at a comprehensive DIY smart security setup with ample space to grow. Free Echo Dot is a nice bonus, because you can control the SimpliSafe, Ring and August products using Alexa voice commands.

SimpliSafe offers 24/7 monitoring, application alerts and $ 25 per month cellular backup, and you can control it in Amazon Echo Dot using Alexa voice commands. And Alexa can control that Smart Smart Lock. Total amount: $ 429.

Amazon-echo 2ndg-15

Ian Knighton / CNET

Alexa smart lighting for a special 10 points for $ 373 (save $ 180)

Ecobee Switch Plus from Ecobee for direct $ 79 (save $ 20 now)
CNET review score: 7.5

Philips Hue White and Color Triple Bulb Set, Wireless Remote Controlled Best Price $ 120 (save $ 70 now)
CNET review score: 7.2

Amazon Echo Amazon for $ 70 (Save $ 30, available November 22)
CNET review score: 8.5

Amazon Plug for Amazon $ 5 Amazon for Amazon (Save $ 20, available November 22)
CNET review score: 6.2

60 Tons Philips Hue Light Strips in Best Buy ($ 30 savings, current 23 November)
CNET review score: 7.0

Philips Hue White had four packages in Best Buy for $ 40 (Saving $ 10, November 23)
CNET review score: 8.5

Do you want to control the lights in the house using Alexa commands? Here's a Black Friday combo where you get two Alexa speakers 10 The intelligent lights that you can control including four people who change color – all in less than $ 400 in total.

Start with the Ecobee Switch Plus, an intelligent light switch that doubles as the tiny little Alexa speaker for audio-active lighting changes – a great way to automate the lights in your bedroom and get Alexa controls down. Early Black Friday closed as special $ 20. Currently available: a three-bulb, color-changing Philips Hue starter kit with a free wireless dimming switch for good measurement. You're already connected to an Alexa speaker and four intelligent lights, and we haven't even started to unravel.

Then, get an Amazon Echo for your living room on Thanksgiving Day and add $ 5 more to your Amazon Smart Plug & Echo purchase. You can use this plug to automate any lamp that you attach behind it. This is our fifth Alexa-ready smart light. Then, head to Best Buy on Black Friday and get a great-looking Philips Hue light strip on the back of your TV or on your kitchen cabinets and get only 40 dollars with the four-pack Philips Hue White LED. Five additional lamps that you can add to the new Hue Bridge and control with Alexa commands. Voila: Two Alexa speakers to control them with a total of 10 intelligent lights and voice commands. Total amount: $ 373.

View your feed from your Nest video doorbell on your Google Home Hub or on your Chromecast equipped TV.

Chris Monroe / CNET

A Google Now smart home installation $ 541 ($ 209)

Google Home Hub Best Price for $ 99 (Save $ 50, available November 22)
CNET review score: 8.6

Google Home Best Price £ 25 (Save $ 50, available November 22)
CNET review score8.0

Walmart's Google Home Mini for $ 45 and Google Chromecast (Save $ 29, available November 22)
CNET review score: 8.4

Place Hello Video Doorbell from Lowe & # 39; s for $ 179 (Save $ 50, available November 22)
CNET review score: 8.5

Nest Thermostat E from Dell (Save $ 30 now)
CNET review score: 7.7

Consider this combo if you want to get Google Now audio controls in just about every corner of your home. A Google Home smart speaker for the living room, a Google Home Hub smart screen without a camera for your bedside room, and a Google Home Mini for the kitchen or children's room will also be clarified.

Beyond that, you'll get an attractive smart thermostat and the highest-grade video doorbell from Nest, and a Chromecast media transmitter. Each of these can be controlled with the Google Now voice commands on your new speakers. You can even tell the assistant to pull the doorbell into your Home Hub or on your Chromecast equipped TV. Total amount: $ 541.

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