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Tea or coffee leads to genetic study responsible for our preferences


Related to Brussels sprouts.

If you have a buyer of a charity drink that you discuss with your own coffee drinker and your drink, you will not see a couple of bigger, more respectful challenges in your life.

Why? Because people either in team coffee or team tea. There is no room for observation or open-mindedness. You can filter the slow drop of organic or coffee in your green tea between 91 and 96 degrees Celsius.

Apparently, when you prefer coffee or tea, there is no free will. According to a study of all genetics Scientific Reports magazine.


Whether you drink coffee or hate it, according to your genes. Photo: iStock

Bring Brussels sprouts

Scientists analyzed data from 400,000 participants to examine how people perceive the bitter tastes of their brains. They believed that coffee tea's choice was related to that particular flavor.

This includes a compound called propylthiouracil (prop) that can give a bitter taste to vegetables because it appeared to be an excellent tool for testing Brussels sprouts. People who found the pain in Brussels sprouts also preferred to drink coffee coffee. On the contrary, it was true for the group that found the vegetable sugar.

The researchers also discovered that those who felt more pain in Brussels sprouts (tea sets) received less alcohol.

However, people who had strong and painful coffee tended to drink more than four cups a day (not coffee, booze!).

Mystery is solved!

Sort. Researchers tended to have more coffee for bitter lovers' learned behavior.

"People often consider these findings as learned behavior because they often prevent bitter tastes," Marilyn told Cornelis. Guard. "If we can understand caffeine well, we'll associate it with caffeine's psycho-stimulating properties and look for more coffee."

For tea, the results were not simple. "Our tastes play a role in how much coffee, tea or alcohol we drink.

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