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Season 15 Live Playoff Top 24 – Rolling Stone


On Monday night, it was seen as a live playoff of a two-hour marathon. Sound Season 15 started, all 24 contestants appeared on stage for a full performance. Shoes were thrown and a 13-year-old phenomenon was hit once again at the top of the show, but field fans and coaches would be halved to vote.

Blake Shelton & # 39; s team ran out of early stands, including the cover of Nashville's Natasia Greycloud and Ariana Grande 's; God Became a Woman Bl. Using everything from a sensual falstoya to a ridiculous day, Greycloud went all together. a complex part of the spoken word rap – a less risky rhythm in the living environment – pulling more confidently.

The crystal clear interpretation of rak My Grandma (Good Me Days), kristal including 16-year-old singer Chevel Shepherd from coach Kelly Clarkson's team, is a logical step after Band Perry's singing. Larda I will die Young # and Dixie Chicks' & Travelin ie Soldier in the previous rounds. His voice and tone in a pure country with a heart of innocence all four rams standing ovation from all over.

Adam Levine’s team, the most powerful impression er Jersey Dusk Dawn) (originally staged by Zayn and Sia) and New Jersey's Radha with a power bale strip. Starting in a slow and controlled manner, he spent a tough time at the first opportunity and never went back and added a sense of presence to the stage of his time for a good measure of the diva.

Meanwhile, MaKenzie Thomas in Kentucky helped launch a rare pair of shoes from Whitney Houston's coach Jennifer Hudson to hand in a documentary of Whitney Houston's ’I Don't Believe In You and Me Bu. This was one of Hudson's groundbreaking cards. Fun songs were both precise and decisive technical victory. Thomas' controlled vocals were usually rising through the beams.

It was Kennedy Holmes who finished the show, but it seemed to be the gold standard of the competition so far. As can be seen from the top of this article, Holmes's Beyonce's ”Halo’ showed that he himself was in a class. When he was only 13 years old, his voice was immediately deceptively strong, ready to be warned from a moment on. He had used his ability to make a strong impact on edi Halo anda, but at the same time, he exhibited a few well-placed vocals with a good singing voice.

On this first night of Live Playoffs, artists from the country were introduced to the crowds of Alabama with Kirk Jay's Diamond Rio's esinde One More Day lar. The delicate distribution of Jay was heart-filled and showed his unique voice. In addition, it took him out of the crowd to take the song off the stage.

Team Adam Levine's Marlowe team Kameron, following a different approach, brought the audience to a county bar in North Carolina with acoustic guitars and wide-brimmed hats. Leaving the marching anthem by Rodney Crowell's ard Like I Like Long Long, lı Marlow let Marlow slip out his throat and let one song into another, and turned it back to the coolest.

But Dave Fenley of Nashville kicked the night out for Shelton's team, turning coaches and audiences into a home of Willie Nelson's; Very Flying on the Ground Ancak. Fenley, who opened gaps with the warm texture of his own voice and then bravely jumped into a big finale, created the disadvantage of being the first player by exhibiting the raw emotion on a country classic.

Some of these singers will return to their homes on November 13th and will be interrupted by the continuation of the live playoffs. Fans (now closed) will determine the first two contestants of each team and move forward with the choice of a coach from each team. The two new singers from Kelsea Ballerini's Comeback Stage will perform live this year, and the winner will be back to the end of the competition. Drama starts at NBC's 8 / 7c.

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