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OPPO R17 Pro Killer Takes Night Shoots


To strengthen the artistic and innovative smartphone line, OPPO has launched the revolutionary R17 Pro with a special phone designed specifically for night photography.

The newest model in the R series captures outstanding photos even in low-light situations, which will delight selfie enthusiasts and budding photographers.

R17 Pro features A.I. Ultra clear engine with OPPO's unique image enhancement technology to cut all hardware limitations and maximize photo quality.

Camera A.I. scene recognition for each photo, targeted optimization scheme, and color reconstruction at pixel level.

OPPO R17 Pro
OPPO R17 Pro has a beautiful and stylish design that is uniquely blue and purple in color and depends on the brand philosophy that combines OPPO's artistic design and innovative technology.

He is also interested in noise reduction and high brightness rendering R17 Pro the best selfie camera of the night.

The R17 Pro is equipped with the F1.5 / F2.4 intelligent diaphragm, which automatically adjusts to lighting conditions and gives sharper images in bright or low light conditions.

This feature is combined with Optical Image Stabilization, which uses a longer exposure time to illuminate night photography, especially with the 7P lens module.

The Chinese company also introduced a triple camera on the R17 Pro to further enhance night photography at the hardware level.

The R17 Pro uses 12 MP for fast and precise focusing and the Sony IMX362 as its dual pixel main camera. It also reduces the noise level with a pixel size of 1.4 microns and a sensor size of 1 / 2.55.

It also installed a front camera with flight time technology and a front camera with 3D structured technology.

This is the first company to use both OPPO and TOF technology on smartphones.

3D photos

The R17 Pro also enhances the user experience with the TOF 3D camera which provides 3D photography, somatosensory games, AR ruler and more.

3D photo mode scans objects 360 degrees to create 3D models of photographed objects.

In the phone's album, users can add other 3D effects to photos.

In addition, the TOF 3D camera allows R17 Pro to measure distance, length, area and more.

Fashion aesthetics

In addition to its technological innovation, OPPO continues to produce high quality phones with an attractive design for a millennial generation.

OPPO has invented a brand new three-color and two-quadrilateral direction gradient design for the R17 Pro.

The misted glass body of the R17 Pro adds a light condensation layer, allowing the light to flow through the surface of the device, allowing the colors to regenerate.

OPPO competes with other companies that offer a better viewing experience with the R17 Pro's 6.4-inch display on the screen, with a droplet-shaped notch.

It also adopted the Corning Gorilla Glass 6 for the first time, allowing the phone to drop an average of 15 times from a meter height to a rough surface, making the Gorilla Glass 5 performance double.

Super VOOC technology

Smartphone manufacturers are pursuing a challenging race to develop their own fast charging technologies to fit the lifestyle of digitally-focused consumers.

Like the futuristic flagship OPPO's Find X Lamborghini Edition, the R17 Pro carries SuperVOOC flash charging technology, which enables users to charge safely and efficiently.

The phone can charge up to 40% in just 10 minutes.

Each node, including charger, charging line, mobile phone and battery, has a chip protection to ensure the safety of charging.

OPPO has customized a VCU intelligent control chip to control voltage, current and temperature to provide versatile protection.

OPPO R17 Pro, the latest 10nm Qualcomm Snapdragon, will be available in the country on November 24th for P38.999.

With the launch of R17 Pro, OPPO defines itself as a technology giant offering a range of product portfolio: the middle class A and the F Series more expensive Find Series.

Telefon The R17 Pro symbolizes the transformation of complete expansion into OPPO's high-end smartphone market, en said Jane Wan, Vice President Marketing for OPPO Philippines.

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