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Not your imagination: Phone battery life deteriorates | business

Phone manufacturers promise ”all-day battery life Telefon. Of course, and you didn't steal any of your kids' Halloween candies.

If you recently bought a new flagship phone, the battery life is worse than the old model.

Over the past few weeks, I've been doing the same battery test on 13 phones again and again. With some notable exceptions, the best models of this year showed poor performance last year. The new iPhone XS died 21 minutes before the iPhone X of last year. Google's Pixel 3 took almost an hour and a half less than Pixel 2.

The phone manufacturers use all types of tricks to increase battery life, including more efficient processors, low power modes and artificial intelligence to manage the application flow. Nevertheless, my results and tests by other reviewers have revealed an open secret in the industry: Lithium-ion batteries in smartphones hit a twist point they can't catch.

Or The batteries are recovering at a very slow rate of about 5 percent per year, & says Nadim Maluf, CEO of Silicon Valley, Qnovo, helping to optimize the batteries. . But the phone's power consumption is growing faster than 5 percent. “

Blame the demands of high-resolution displays, more complex applications, and above all, the invisibility of putting the dude's phone down. Lithium ion batteries also have some physical limitations, including reduced capacity over time for the entire rechargeable wonder and risk of explosion if damaged or improperly disposed of.

And the phone's power situation will get worse. Soon, the new ultra-fast wireless technology, called 5G from the US neighborhoods, will make even more demand for our batteries.

My test has limits. Your experience will depend on how you use your phone and there are steps you can take to extend the phone's life.

We're not desperate. Two of the best performers in my tests, Samsung's Note9 and Apple's iPhone XR models offer ideas on how the phones will last longer – at least until a completely new battery technology is available.

My results have doubled me, so I'm obsessed with testing a team of other technology journalists in CNET, Tom's Guide, and Consumer Reports. Ğ Our overall average battery life is coming down, ün says Mark Spoonauer, editor of Tom & # 39; s Guide, who added that the iPhone XS battery died shortly before the iPhone X. one year old.

However, other reviewers did not notice the same decreases.

Larger phones usually take longer, but the size of the battery inside is not as simple. Do you remember the Blackberry? They had much smaller batteries than today's smartphones, but it could have been days without charging.

No perfect battery test. The mining I borrowed from an industry group called the Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium highlights the screen.

I use a light meter to adjust all phones at the same brightness, and then force web crawlers to reload and scroll through a series of sites that I offer through a local Wi-Fi network. I repeat the tests as much as possible, and I'm averaging the results.

CNET, which has noticeably reduced battery life between iPhone 8 and iPhone X (and Samsung's Galaxy S8 and S9), is testing a 50 percent brightness level when playing a video while Airplane Mode is on.

We've both discovered: The fancy-screen phones that use technology, especially high-resolution or OLED, are even worse. (This technology may require more power to turn off the light.) Therefore, if you want your phone to last longer, reduce the brightness of the screen. Or if you stop looking at the phone every day, you can break our country-wide phone addiction.

Tom's Guide puts another factor into the mix: cellular connectivity. The phones are broadcast via a number of websites published on LTE. Unlike me, the Pixel 3 XL has a big battery life against the Pixel 2 XL.

Another lesson: If you want the battery to last longer, use Wi-Fi when possible – or use Airplane Mode when you cannot be reached. Both Apple and Android phones offer low power modes (not reflected in our tests) that reduce some unloading data functions without taking the test.

Counterexample was the Consumer Reports, which said that the new iPhone XS lasted 25 percent longer than last year's iPhone X. The test uses a finger robot – yes, you've read it right – the phone is used in many different functions and applications, including pauses, to turn off the screen.

So in general, is the battery reduced or increases? In You can't make a straight trend, Tüketici says Maria Rerecich, director of electronic director of consumer reports.

I wish companies had more standard ways to talk about battery life. Since the earliest days of iPhone, Apple has described battery life with special measures, including ”talk time Apple and” internet use Apple. Lately, it also took a bit more squishy language: the iPhone XS takes 30 minutes longer than the iPhone uzun X, 30 he says, a measure based on how long people took before they put it back on.

What about two 2018 phones that are better in my tests?

Samsung's Note9 is successful by filling in more batteries. It has a battery capacity of 3,300 mAh from 4,000 mAh, which is already large in Note8. (The iPhone XS battery is only 2,659 mAh and is actually slightly lower than X.)

Numerous phones followed the trend of the larger battery. IFixit, a repair community that performs tear analysis of phone components, says the battery capacity has nearly doubled over the past five years.

How far can the Dimension game go? Huawei has opened a phone called Mate 20 Pro, which is not sold in the US with a 4,200 mAh battery. Larger, heavier batteries may be heavier (remember Samsung was blowing up Not7?). The Note9 also features a giant display and a stylus, weighing 7.1 grams – more than two times the stack of cards.

Apple's iPhone XR has a different approach to the new phone I suggest for most people. It scales to display technology – a lower resolution, less glossy, and lower quality color – in ways that use battery life dramatically: the XR took three hours longer than the best iPhone XS, although the screen actually has a larger stain. (Bonus: It also costs less than $ 250.)

. Consumers need to start preparing for reconciliation, yap says Maluf, CEO of the battery optimization company.

Perhaps the market will be divided into more pieces and the phones will make it more like buying cars. This market was finally undertaken by fuel economy models; Instead of the Cadillac, you can choose Honda. Civic of Apple's iPhone XR smartphones.

Our choices in the near future are probably either: Get an economy phone or plug in more often. Faster and more affordable charging is the strategy of some manufacturers.

And then the receipt itself. For years, Apple, who sent the same 5-watt charging pin, can take a course from Google that sells Pixel phones with an 18-watt charger and claims to be available for 15 hours at a 7-hour charge. The only thing that is as bad as the fruit juice is connected to an outlet.

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