Tuesday , July 27 2021

MMA: Pinay maths professor wants a second win in a Championship

Angelie Sabanal, Rika Ishige & # 39; A Championship

MANILA – After the launch of the lucky mixed martial arts (MMA), Filipina math professor Angelie Sabanal, wushu bronze medalist in the Southeast Asian Games Priscilla Hertati Lumban Gaol winner in Indonesia: Warrior's Dream is her second career this Saturday celebrated his victory. .

Unable to inform Pinay, last March, fanatic Thai fighter Rika & Tinydoll Mart used reputed Muay Thai skills to deflect and upset Ishige.

The glory was sweet for Sabanal because he was at MMA's first exit, and Cagayan de Oro wants to taste another accident once again.

Vermek I want to win again because I want to give back to my gym and people who love and support me. I compete for my country. Everything I do is for everything and as long as I can do this, I will continue to do it, ım Sabanal said.

Sabanal may have been stepping into the territory of Indonesia with a small fanatic in a similar way to his match with Ishige earlier this year, but the arena would be sure to leave again victorious.

“If they don't know who I am before I beat it, I don't care. Most importantly, the fans in Jakarta will remember me after the match. Of course, I'll do my best because I'm approaching this Saturday. Elbette

Sabanal is considered a # late-grower & in martial arts because he began training in Muay Thai a few years after receiving a university degree.

Dim I just entered the Muay Thai classes for fitness and self-defense. It took me five years to try to compete in Muay Thai, because I've never crossed my mind to compete, nor have I been a warrior. Mu

At the age of 22, Sabanal began to learn the ropes of Muay Thai in Mindanao Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts. It took her five years to gather the ring, right after she completed the University of Science and Technology of the South Philippines, to get the courage to climb the ring.

“I was busy finishing my thesis work for my master's degree. My priority was to graduate without my honor. Despite my progress in Muay Thai, my focus continued to receive my diploma, # he recalled.

. After winning my master's degree, the first coaches who congratulated me were my coach, but after that, they asked me if I wanted to join the team. It was in 2017 when I accepted the offer. Well, the rest is history. "

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