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Measles, a new and different outbreak?


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A plague has seized the United States, a crippled infection of measles hysteria. People with measles hysteria find themselves looking at people in the room and wonder what person is harboring a terrible infectious virus and catches the children and the children of all children.

A plague has seized the United States, a crippled infection of measles hysteria. People with measles hysteria find themselves looking at people in the room and wonder what person is harboring a terrible infectious virus and catches the children and the children of all children.
Wait a minute, that's exactly what I did when I was a kid! We spread very infectious viruses at chickenpox parties, at measly parties, yes, and even at mumps parties. Family doctors were all of this, a natural part of growing up to get measles, it was normal for parents to want their children to have these non-pediatric diseases and to build their immune systems. Healthy lifestyle.
As a child, we all had measles, in fact the CDC believes that everyone born before 1957 has a lifelong immunity to measles. Why? We've all had a benign, self-limiting illness that needs to sleep in an uncomfortable and feeble bed. Medical textbooks from the pre-vaccination period describe girls as at least risky to a well-fed child.
And there's an outstanding reward waiting for patients with measles: lifelong immunity! No. Boosters. Necessary. No.
This is the nature of the method that has been developed over a very long period of time, and the ways in which human communities always treat microbes before vaccine enthusiasts arrive. If you believe this is wrong, go to a clinic and get your Bubonic plague vaccines and scarlet fever. Wait, we don't need vaccines to protect ourselves from ık sometimes deadly ”germs, but are we doing measles?
When the measles vaccine was first promoted to the American people in the early 1960s, the proportion of measles-related deaths decreased by about 100 percent since 1900. Ik The infection with measles virus before the vaccine was almost universal in childhood. According to the instruction manual of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), the Pink Book has more than 90 percent of people immune to immunization until the age of 15 years.
How did we go from ”measles measles” to am measles tik on earth? Run for your life! "
Interestingly, the CDC is currently silent about whether the circulating measles infection contains the wild virus or the vaccine-specific virus. As CDC states itself, it is an important question to be solved in order to understand the measles tension we are dealing with.
According to the CDC web site, ın Molecular epidemiology of measles viruses is an important component for epidemiological studies and global surveillance of wild-type measles strains in circulation CD. ”During outbreaks, measles vaccinations are administered to help control the outbreak, and in these cases vaccine reactions can be mistakenly classified as measles cases.“
Yeah, that's right, the vaccine causes some measles and the symptoms are the same as the wild measles virus. The only way to tell the difference between wild and vaccine measles strains is a laboratory test.
Then there's the spill. When the vaccine virus passes through the body, shedding viral particles into the nose and saliva droplets that come from the mouth, which is a good way to spread the virus. Because more people are injected into the vaccine, live vaccine measles spills are large and wider.
The mainstream media evokes passion and enthusiasm for Disneyland's measles, the usual whisking boy: these dreaded Neanderthal nitwits who refuse vaccinations. Media accounts automatically blame people who cannot be vaccinated even when vaccination fails. News reporters could easily do a little research and discovered that it could be quite different from the story of the MMR vaccine and the real-world consequences of vaccination against measles in several generations. Apparently, it's much easier to join the foolish chorus accusing every outbreak of vaccination.
The secret of avoiding mentioning CDC, media and local health departments is the widespread failure of the vaccine to prevent measles. Seven Disneyland employees had measles, even if they were fully vaccinated. Measles outbreaks arise with an alarming regularity among highly vaccinated groups of people.
Thus, measles outbreaks also occur in highly vaccinated populations due to primary and secondary vaccination failure, which results in increasingly large susceptible individuals and epidemic pools once they occur. This leads to a paradoxical situation in which vaccines occur among those previously vaccinated in vaccinated populations. "Says. Gregory Poland, M.D., appeared in the January 2012 issue of Vaccine.
These repetitions: mış Measles in highly immunized populations primarily occur among those who have been vaccinated before. “Imagine this! The reward, which has been repeatedly given to measles against measles, comes with measles.
In terms of accuracy, measles is not a vaccine-preventable disease, it can only be changed by vaccination. When measles affected young children of the age of infection, vaccination with the laboratory measles virus never prevented infection, but only changed the timing of infection.
Measles outbreaks are now more common in older age groups than in the age group where measles are at greater risk of complications. It also pushed infections into younger ages. Before the measles vaccination was widely used, the problem of ın too young to vaccinate an was never a problem, because mothers were protected from breast milk as long as the measles itself lived.
How anxious are public health workers to exaggerate the dangers of measles infection to spread the age range of infection, but to intimidate people to take the MMR vaccine, a vaccine that cannot avoid measles in vaccinated people?

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