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Fans of Princess Switch played three roles with Vanessa Hudgens.

The sequel to Princess Switch continues.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix's favorite, starring Vanessa Hudgens, will return for the second installment and Hudgens will play three roles on the new trip.

The first film is a Chicago baker named Stacy, who replaces Hudgens' Margaret, Duchess of Montenaro, in the fictional land of Belgravia, also played by Hudgens.

While discovering the lives of others, the couple finds romance with men from the lives of others.

Princess Switch: A new film called The Transition Again, Margaret unexpectedly takes over the Belgravia throne, causing chaos to emerge.

However, Stacy soon helps her friend, but she finds a big problem in the form of party girl Fiona, both played by Hudgens.

Three Hudgens for two princes?

Princess Switch: Passed Again, director Mike Rohl and screenwriter Megan Metzger and Robin Bernheim will see their return to the helm.

The film, which will be released in 2020, will begin shooting in London in November.

Naturally, fans of the first film are quite excited with the prospect of a sequel.

On Twitter, a fan wrote: ım oh my God, they were making a sequel to the princess key and giving vanessa hudgens a third doppelgänger, the best day of my life ”

Another: “Please … give us the princess transition cinema universe, where each film wins a new Vanessa.”

One said: düşünmek The only thing that spends me in this cold and dark season is to think about the continuation of Princess Switch from Netflix ”

Finally a fan said: “Princess Button 2, a third vanessa hudgens character omg wig will be on sale”

Meanwhile, Hudgens will soon be seen in the Netflix Christmas film The Knight Before Christmas, released on November 21, 2019.

The Switch to Princess: Switched Again will be available in Netflix in 2020.

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