Wednesday , November 25 2020

Enzo Amore Dishes Stone Cold Stunner Out In Rap Concert

Enzo Amore made too much noise on WWE Survivor series weekend, but not just during the show, but also a video at his rap concert, demonstrating Stone Cold Stunner.

Enzo reached the headlines for showing in the WWE audience Survivor seriesHe also gave a concert on Monday to promote his new rap album, Whiskey A Go Go. During the performance, he appeared on the scene of his crew or the audience (difficult to tell), asking if he had anything to do with the Wynonna rider and a rollercoaster. but just can't tell.

In any case, he asks his name (Mike) and then turns to the crowd and ı his name is Mike. you are doing Mike? Nasıl Then put the microphone towards the audience and how you are doing"He then proceeds to shoot him in the stomach and throw a Stone Cold Stunner out on the stage, rounding Mike to the other side of the stage, and then music (with SE Scoops) returns.

"Enzo Amore Rap Concert Stone is doing a cold stunner scene. It's just bad. Really bad."

In the video above, you can judge Stunner yourself.

According to the new jerseys of Amore,the doi Big "and there's a big reaction in the WWEs. Survivor series to the audience. Fans actually saw him before, despite trying to maintain a lower profile. When the Tag Team started to match between the Bar and the Writers Agri (AOP) it stood up and began to be known despite its existence and safety quickly escorted out of the building. The fans started to say "Leave it", but he never returned to his seat. Then, as other fans started to sing "Enzo", the other cheers erupted, while other fans dueled with their own "No We No".

Enzo is definitely enough to say that it makes an impression, but it doesn't seem to want anything about wrestling these days. This was probably a game to draw more attention to the concert that we knew was performed the next night. It was also as it was Monday Night Raw.

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