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Dota 2: The most expensive 10 cosmetic items

In Dota 2, it will be irrelevant to have an innate structure on the visual effects, especially as a “video“ game, if the player will only focus on focusing on his or her own mechanics.

The elements that enhance the graphic quality of Dota 2, such as cosmetics, require games to be played, as personalizations provide more aesthetic appeal, ambient effects, new talent symbols, animations, and much more, whether for the player or not.

Cosmetics, called ere hats. By society, have different categories. Although there are in-game g drops. Based on rare, there are also some who cannot turn into the spoils of war to fight.

For example, the Immortals, which are ana at least sırasında of all cosmetic items, are specially released for Valve events, especially during the highly anticipated The International.

While there are only items available on other servers, some are free to purchase special products in real life.

Because they are covered by ılamaz limited marketability,; they are often highly rewarded and sometimes unreachable on the Steam Market. Merchants tend to exceed them.

FOX Sports Asia listed the most expensive 10 products of all time, except for the Crimson and Golden versions of some Immortals and Unusual couriers, as listed at Steam Market:

10. Eternal Machine Head (Immortal) – Clockwerk

Dota 2 cosmetic products
(Courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

The item comes with a touch of gold and silver, a gear-like mohawk, and Clockwerk, a long head that contains blue-open dual lenses as the eyes of a kafa weak merchant dokunuş, about $ 500.00.

A tool that should first have the ın badges kart license shown on a user's profile to help a user collect their online Steam trading cards and win prizes during the Steam Summer Discount in 2014.

The head is given at the fifth and final craftsmanship level, where only about one hundred copies of the substance are present, thus justifying the current price even if it provides something else.

He said Clockwerk was "the greatest war vehicle known to the keen people," and that "the destructive force reached its peak."

9. The Protector of the Red Miracle (Legendary) – Ax

Dota 2 cosmetic products
(Courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

Based on the in-game items of the same name, which is a common structure for him, this Ax item costs about $ 750.00.

Originally launched in 2013, the original quality of a New Zealand based company, Weta Workshop, had to buy a real Vanguard Shield.

If the player takes a Vanguard into play, the "hell-like" creature, the "hell-like" creatures' eyes will be enlightened.

This product is no longer available because the Vanguard Shield has already been phased out. The Trustee of Benefit 2016, a treasure with all items, with the item re-emerging, created only 25 copies for the entire community.

He shares the same slot with the Immortal element of Mante, a Cinder Baron, who personalizes the Battle Hunger animation and is a second selectable style that is more accessible to less lucky players and lava-like effects.

8. Shattered Greatsword (Legendary) – Sven

Dota 2 cosmetic products
(Courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

This $ 770 Sven weapon was used by Nexon on South Korea's Dota 2 server only during the 2015 event.

The product, which is relatively larger than the other guns of Sven, has electric-blue particles and apparently provides a heavier oscillation to its automobile cars.

However, when the Vigil Triumph, the immortal element of Sven, was released in 2017, the old item was apparently superior.

The newer Sven gun offered almost the same ambient effects, in line with the size of the Nexon & # 39; s item, and developed a special flair of skill by adding animations for spawning and Great Cleave.

Perhaps the intention to achieve this is to let others know that they can afford expensive items.

7. Tsukumo Moon Cloud (Legendary) – Mirana

Dota 2 cosmetic products
(Courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

The Japanese word ”tsuki ağı (moon) and Mir kumo port (cloud), a portmantine of Mirana, is around 800.00 dollars in the market.

The article, drawn by the East Asian folklore moon rabbit, was used only in 2017 when a sculpture of Mirana, a group of artists called ”Artgerm Doğu and” MarkNewman Doğu, was purchased.

The first has two selectable styles, the leporin arrangement. Custom spawning, idle and running animations are available.

Dota 2 cosmetic products
(Courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

The second style is a colorful cat in shades of sky blue and white, and is colored with bright eyes and markings on his body. However, there are no custom animations.

In any case, it is possible to switch between meek, cute rabbit and aggressive, cool tiger, one must have this team.

6. Dragonclaw Hook (Immortal) – Pudge

Dota 2 cosmetic products
(Courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

In fact, a legendary product in 2012, which cost less than a hundred dollars, has increased in price when Pudge became largely popular with veteran Danil. "Dendi" The Ishut. In writing, it sits about $ 830.00.

The item customizes Pudge's hook with a chain that looks like a backbone, as the j nail of a black dragon's left toe Öğe. He also gets “bone chains” behind his arms.

The sleek look and light coloring, Pudge's other enthusiast, may surprise the enemies, among others, compared to more complex hooks, such as the Sorrow Wing, Whalehook, Ripper & # 39; s Reel.

5. Lava and Ice Baby Roshans (Immortal) – Courier

Dota 2 cosmetic products

Dota 2 cosmetic products
(Courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

The miniature versions of the game's strongest neutral crawling are listed from $ 900.00 to $ 1000.00.

Lava Baby Roshan's “Touch of Flame of Ethereal Gem and the # Pyroclastic Flow ken Prismatic Ship are included in Ice Baby Roshan's” Touch of Frost “and ın Glacial Flow L. Both exhibit their elements in detail and move on the map.

The Courier can only be obtained in two ways: Roshan's Gift, Dota 2 A perfect World special tournament from the Chinese server; or from a promotional code in purchasing a Roshan Statue during the Dota 2 Asian Championships in China.

Depending on the courier, players will also have the chance to get Roshan's Rage (Lava) and Roshan's Greed (Ice) download screens.

4. Alp Stalker's Set (Immortal) – Ursa

Dota 2 cosmetic products
(Courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

Ursa, which was first criticized by fans released in 2012, remains one of the most expensive items on the market today.

The set includes: Lucky Alpine Stalker's Hat ($ 660.00); Alp Stalker's Scarf ($ 310.00); Alp Stalker's Pants ($ 190.00); Alpine Stalker's Gloves ($ 60.00).

The original of this set was based on the Wild West theme where Ursa wore a cowboy hat, scarf, gloves and trousers. There is no particle or anything.

Many things were seemingly inadequate, and did not fit into Ursa's lore. This shows that he was once the hottest member of a tribal tribe that had once killed in the jungle, the ine spread demon ateş in the village.

In fact, some players were immediately removed from the game even though they could keep their games. The set was then returned as the first Immortal elements of the game.

Although Ursa is not out of fashion, the set definitely warns how rich the owner is.

3. Ax of Phractos (Legendary) – Ax

Dota 2 cosmetic products
(Courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

Another Weta Workshop was considered to be one of the most expensive cosmetics in the game and tagged about $ 1700.00.

An Ax figurine must be purchased to purchase the original quality product that is no longer public.

The gun looks like a double-edged steel that is still refined on the iron bars. Ax's Counter Helix has sparks and molten particles that personalize it.

In addition to the Wyvernguard Edge, the one-Ax weapon with ambient effects makes it a pricey purchase, albeit expensive.

2. Monarch Bow (Legendary) – Drow Ranger

Dota 2 cosmetic products
(Courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

Another Weta Workshop item is part of the $ 1730.00 list. In 2013, the company acquired Butterfly Sword.

The bow, which is thought to be based on Butterfly and a monarch butterfly in the in-game element, has blue, denim and black tones. There are ambient effects in which the electro-blue bowstring is illuminated.

Every time the Drow Ranger turns the Frost Arrows, the electric blue monarch butterflies come out.

Along with the Bow of the Howling Wind, the only Drow Ranger bow with a Frost Arrows effect, and some of the other arcs, such as Bow of the Frostfangs, Bow of Lone Traveler, and Infused Algid. provides media particles. Legacy.

1. Platinum Baby Roshan

Dota 2 cosmetic products
(Courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

This Roshan courier is a cut above some other cosmetic items, even though some of them are put together, the estimated value is $ 2,000.

He was originally presented to the players of Diretia who broke into the Sugar Rush Hall of Fame.

Ğı Ionic Vapor kur Ethereal Gem and ans Pristine Platinum ism have a combination of other couriers, including the other Baby Roshans.

In writing, a Platinum Baby Roshan was changed in the Steam market and Bebek upgraded asında, replaced by the original Prismatic Gem, by Midas Gold, the Royal Baby Roshan of 2012 at Diretide.

Since when was the price of an ”item iki located behind a computer screen was enough to buy two new iPhone Xs?

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