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Court confirms P40-M's lack of taxes against Jeane Napoles


Following the decision of the Tax Court of Appeal, there is no obstacle for the government to collect payments from the youngest daughter of Janet Napoles.

Published on: 06: 35 PM, 23 January 2017

Updated on the 06:36, 08 November 2018

TAX ASSET. The Court of Appeal confirms the findings of a tax deficiency against the Jeane Napol.

TAX ASSET. The Court of Appeal confirms the findings of a tax deficiency against the Jeane Napol.

MANILA, Philippines – The Tax Court of Appeals (CTA) confirmed the lack of tax of P04.028 million, the youngest daughter of allegedly pork-barrel-hunting mastermind Janet Napoles, Jeane Napoles.

Jeane filed a petition before the CTA. The court questioned the assessment of the Internal Revenue Office's (B) tax printers worth P04.028 million, but the court said "a lack of merit".

Jeane, Catherine Napoles & # 39; was rejected due to the lack of maximum apology, said the press release Thursday (November 29th).

The decision was drafted by the Court of Justice Esperanza Fabon-Victorino, by the Court of Justice Roman Del Rosario and Associated Justice Juanito Castaneda Jr, Ma Belen Ringpis-Liban and Catherine Manahan.

Jeane is the youngest daughter of Janet Napoles, queen of alleged pig barrels fraud.

How about his acquittal?

In December 2017, Section 3, CTA, refused a tax evasion case against the same property against Jeane, a property unit in the Ritz Carlton in Los Angeles.

The CTA Chapter 3 rejected the case because of a lack of evidence.

While the criminal trial was underway, Jeane held a separate protest before the CTA Division 2, which questioned the Union's assessment of its own lack of tax. This protest was the most civilian case going to the bank.

By an ironic touch, en banc protested Jeane's shortcomings in attending his own camp.

Liberal If we wait for fair results to come out, it is necessary to comply with the requirements of the procedural rules, and ignoring the rules cannot be rationalized just by harming the policy of liberal construction, CT said CTA en banc.

Following the final CTA decision, there is currently no obstacle for the government to collect payments from Jeane.

Depending on Jeane's legal strategies, this could open another case, as he could use the dismissal of the criminal case to prevent payment.

In the meantime, because of the tax evasion case, Jeane began to demand travel and return of bond bonds from the date of the trial. Now he can move freely.

Jeane was indicted on charges of domestic and international money laundering by the US Department of Justice for her allegations of the park and hiding of money by brothers James Cristopher and Jo Christine and her mother Janet.

Fraud has involved government officials and lawmakers, who were alleged to have primarily gained returns, by directing the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) into ghost projects conducted by fake civil society organizations led by Janet Napoles.

Janet and former senator Bong Revilla, after the deception, will read their decisions on December 4, 7 December, following the deception. – I

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