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Belingon vs Fernandes: Conscious assessment of 2 MMA champions


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The championship belt is a symbolic ornament of honor and glory. Who's taking him home?

Nissi Icasiano | November 09, 2018

SINGAPORE – In mixed martial arts (MMA), every athlete dreams of being a world champion because success has been achieved.

Competitors invest in blood, sweat, and tears to get the moment of defining the ultimate career for the championship title to be wrapped around their career and to declare the announcer's names as champions.

The same applies to Bibiano Fernandes and Kevin Belingon at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Friday (November 9th) at the main event of the Heart of The Lion card of the Asian-based MMA organization, which will collide with the title of ONE Championship bantamweight. .

Both men are now attracted by their signature, but only one of them will bring home-made equipment in the coming championship match.

Beyond the prestige that carries the best fighter in the weight class all over the world, the belt has been designed as a symbolic adornment of glory and glory.

Brazil's Bibiano Fernandes was considered the most successful champion in the history of the ONE Championship and has been defended by eight successful names.

The jewel-coated silver and gold-plated strap, weighing more than seven kilograms, is hand-mounted on a thick natural leather strap that is securely locked with ten steel nails.

The combatant lion pair, drawing the frame of the ONE championship logo, means royalty and prestige and is completed with a crown motif at the top of the belt.

Two blood red rubies were placed in the eyes of lions, while the two secondary plates added a value that was nailed to the handmade masterpiece by 52 crystals on each side.

Fernandes and Belingon are not alien to each other, as the two major bantamweights first crossed roads as rivals in January 2016.

In their first encounter, Fernandes made a quick run to Belingon by handing the Philippine Dynamo to the Kimura lock to protect the prestigious bantamweight crown in the first round.

Since their first meeting two and a half years ago, Fernandes and Belingon had not seen each other, the ruthless Team Lakay member rescuing himself in six victories against the highest opposition in the ONE Championship. – Weight of 65.8 kilograms.

Kevin Belingon is determined to continue being the world champion in his upcoming rematch against Bibiano Fernandes.

Belingon's series of outstanding victories includes the sounding of two-part two-king Martin Nguyen to capture the ONE ONE Championship bantamweight belt that took place last July.

After winning six exciting victories on the ONE Championship scene, Belingon seizes his rival that he has wanted for so long: he is also ready to lock the antlers with their Fernando Of Lion.

Fernandes, on the other hand, was considered the most successful champion in the seven-year history of the ONE Championship and recorded eight successful name defenses.

The 38-year-old Brazilian candidates expert received the glorified award of the bantamweight division of the ONE Championship, which since May 2013 has given Koetsu Okazaki the occasional round over the five rounds to claim the world championship.

Fernandes, who has not suffered a single defeat since December 2010, became the official bantamweight champion of the promotion after unanimously agreeing with South Korea's Soo Chul Kim in October 2013.

Fernandes, the dominant reign of Belingon, beating the unexpected matches, as the king of a championship tries to extend as bantamweight.

“I fought in the past. I've finished him before and I'll finish it again. I'm ready for the war on Friday and I'm ready to do my best.

However, Belingon disagreed as he attempted to walk from the Singapore Indoor Stadium as the only true king of the band-weight division.

Im I was very hard on this match on Friday. I've waited a long time to face Bibiano Fernandes again. I am 100 percent ready and I trust myself. Belingon said I'm going to do my best to win this time.

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