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Young Tarazona: Serbian Narco, & # 39; Jota & # 39; sentenced to prison | PHOTOS | Photo of 1/3 | police


A Serbian citizen currently incarcerated in a prison in the country and head of the international drug smuggling mafia, the main suspect Junior Tarazona Acher's murder (35) & # 39; Mehmet & # 39; sBecause that gave him more than a ton of cocaine. 80 million dollars.

According to police sources, Junior Tarazona & # 39; Jota & # 39; In March 2018, by the Serbian criminal organization, he would be contacted by container of containers shipped to the port to buy the drug. Callao. Cocaine was dressed in black and put in pots by short-sized and thin-skinned subjects called ninja.

However, anti-drug agents prevented shipment and seized several members of the gang. A ton of European and 600 kilos of cocaine were seized..

For the owners of the drug Junior Tarazona & # 39; Jota & # 39; I'd give the police information on the transportation of illegal cargo.

Junior Tarazona Acher, Jota, Gerson Galvez Street, Gerald Oropeza

They killed Jota who took part in the attack of Oropeza. Video: America News


Detectives recall that the Serbian mafia had been stolen by a few kilos of cocaine in the hands of the Italian mob. zazaGerald Oropeza contacted López. In this case Serbian Marco Mitic The man was kidnapped and killed.

But Gerson Gálvez, & # 39; Caracol & # 39; attributed Junior Tarazona & # 39; Jota & # 39; After they gave the police a cell phone number, they ensured that they were in Colombia and trapped through the geographical positioning system.

Junior Tarazona Acher, Jota, Gerson Galvez Street, Gerald Oropeza, San Isidro, Crime

There's a death threat by Gerald Oropeza. Junior Tarazona & # 39; Jota & # 39; he was one of the intellectual authors of the bomb attack on the Porsche truck he was traveling with.

"Drug dealers upset for this pesky assault Junior Tarazona & # 39; Jota & # 39; Gerald did not fulfill the commission to kill Oropeza, "he said.


Day of death Junior Tarazona & # 39; Jota & # 39; Turkish baths-sauna in Windsor & # 39; came with two protections, but both retired with the intention to return it later to get it. & # 39; & # 39 Jota; first in the massage room and then in the sauna. At the reception, he left a thin Rolex watch worth 500 dollars, $ 500 and $ 25,000 on new bills.

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