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Preparation of EC

Since October 5, the payment of the Yanapay Peru Bonus began – at the same time Bond 350– To the beneficiaries of Group 2, which consists of persons with bank accounts, digital wallets and a DNI account from Banco de la Nación.

Payment of the subsidy will be gradually activated for beneficiaries who need to pre-check whether the bonus corresponds to them via the link

MORE INFORMATION | DNI account: You can activate this account from 25 October to receive the Yanapay Bonus.

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According to Liliana Casafranca, leader of the National Bank’s DNI Account project, economic support payment has begun with beneficiaries holding traditional bank accounts. It will then continue to distribute to digital wallet users and finally to those with a DNI account.

It has a program. On the 5th, people with a DNI ending in 0 were credited and we will continue until December 1. Participating in this effort are all financial institutions, not just the Banco de la Nación.Casafranca was covered in detail in his statements to ATV.

The representative of the financial institution explained that the payment of the bond does not occur in a single day, and that each beneficiary has a set date to prevent the collection channels from being saturated.

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LINK to see if I can get the Yanapay Bonus

From September 13, members of social programs will be able to check their registration dates and payment methods via the following LINK:

If you are not a user of a social program, you will be able to check in the registry whether you are a beneficiary of Group 2, the rest will have to wait for the next few days.

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S / 350 Official Yanapay Peru Bonus Program

According to the information received from Midis, the full schedule has been determined as follows:

  • Group 1: From 13 September.
  • Group 2: From October 5th.
  • Group 3: from October 18
  • Group 4: From 17 December.

MORE INFORMATION | Yanapay Peru Coupon: How can I check if I am a beneficiary? OFFICIAL LINK

Who constitutes the beneficiary groups of the Yanapay Bond?

  • Group 1: consists of users of the social programs: Pension 65, Juntos and Contigo.
  • Group 2: consists of people who have bank accounts, digital wallets, mobile banking and a DNI account (Banco de la Nación).
  • Group 3: Consists of people living in rural communities without access to financial systems.
  • Group 4: Includes people without a bank account who will receive financial support through the Banco de la Nación windows.

Who will receive the S / 350 Yanapay Bonus?

Yanapay Bonus will be given to the following people:

  • The elderly who are part of the poverty, extreme poverty and vulnerability in our country and the households benefiting from Juntos, Pension 65 and Contigo Programs.
  • Those who are part of households with no income from the formal labor market, retirees and people in education. Household income as a whole should not exceed S/3,000.
  • Households consisting of a single adult and responsible for one or more minors will receive additional monetary assistance of S / 350. That is, they will receive additional financial support for minors.


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