Saturday , October 23 2021

William Mimbela will continue Unión Comercio next season


He stays. This season Willyam Mimbela's good performances are shown on Union Commerce's t-shirt, 'Poderoso del Alto Mayo & # 39; has extended its directive for another year.

President Freddy Chavez confirmed that Mimbela will play the year 2019 by Unión Comercio.

No doubt Mimbela was one of the leaders of the team, and thanks to 15 goals, the Moyobamba team helped protect the category.

Another player who remains is the midfielder Juan Morales, who will wear the captain's belt for most of the year.

Meanwhile, Reimond Manco, Carlos Preciado, Jonatan Segura, Angel Ojeda, Jesús Rabanal, were to leave the Unión Comercio campus.

Finally, players still contracting with the Moyobamba organization, Ángel Zamudio, Ronald Ruiz, Miguel Carranza, Edy Rentería, Daniel Rivera and Denis Vásquez.

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