Tuesday , July 27 2021

Wall Street, Apple shares fell due to decline

Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 25.387.18, down 602,12 points or 2.32%. The S & P 500 decreased by 54.79 points or 1.97 percent to 2,276.22 units. The Nasdaq Composite Index fell by 206.03 points or 2.78 percent to 7,200.87 units.

Apple shares fell 5.04 percent and closed a $ 193.46 share of Lumentum Holdings, a provider of facial recognition technologies. Reduced revenue and profit forecasts by reducing customer orders. important.

Some analysts pointed out that the iPhone manufacturer is an important customer not to mention. Laumentum Holdings shares fell 33 percent.

The S & P 500's 11 main sectors were shut down. Consumer appreciation and technology sectors recorded 3.54 percent and 2.31 percent decline respectively to lead the delays.

The actions of many technological giants of the US suffered heavy losses.

Align Technology and NVIDIA's shares fell 7.91 percent and 7.81 percent, respectively, and were among the worst performing in Nasdaq. The shares of Amazon and the Alphabets fell by 4.41 and 2.58 percent, respectively.

Large banks also performed poorly. Goldman Sachs lost 7.46 percent and JPMorgan Chase fell more than two percent.

"We are able to see how the US dollar is very strong and how the US influences US companies in its overseas sales and that banks are sold out, because after the elections there is a very good profit." Wellington Shields & Co. LLC operator.

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