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Volunteers withdraw election campaign in Puente Piedra and SMP | news

On the occasion of the Regional and Municipal Elections on October 7, clear your city & # 39; As part of the environmental actions programmed in his campaign, he ensured the abolition of the election propaganda placed on houses and main streets in the districts of a group of volunteers. Martín de Porres and Puente Piedra.

This recycled material Afternoon on the afternoon of October 12, in San Martín de Porres and Puente Piedra, José Granda and Primavera Activated as a new raw material. Only in this waste group were hundreds of staples, nails and screws buried in the election propaganda. Therefore, the importance of appropriate treatment.


M The aim is to transform this environmental action into a public environmental policy in the future, to implement adequate management and solid waste management, ve said Nancy Tuesta, director of Mirarte Peru.

It is a fact that the legal framework, which forces a real commitment or candidates to treat the election propaganda in general, produces more garbage in the dumps.

End of deadline

So far, most of the candidates have delegated their responsibilities to local governments.

The day of cleaning included trainings on disassembly of selection panels, transfer to collection point, selection and recovery of raw materials, demonstration of responsible consumer products and cyclic economy and green business opportunities.

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Posted on 11.11.2018

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