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TikTok | Who is Charli D’Amelio first to reach 100 million followers on TikTok? | social networks | Revtli | ANSWERS

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Charli d’amelio She is a young American dancer, only 16 years old. At a young age, he is the most famous influencer in the industry. TikTok After being the first to get 100 million followers on this social network.

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The young woman, in an interview for Variety, at the beginning TikTok he didn’t even have his own account. “My friends who have TikTok make videos on their phones and say, ‘Can you send this to me? It looks very nice. But eventually I decided to create my own account because I had so much fun preparing these dance videos. “ declaration. “I downloaded the app, I started dancing, my videos became more and more popular and a lot has happened since then”D’Amelio continued.

Half D’Amelio started TikTok In July 2019, he shared the videos of the platform’s fashion dances with his followers. D’Amelio is a dancer, and it was precisely his dance that brought him so many followers on the social network.

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His talent earned him the singer Jennifer Lopez He’ll hire him for a video clip of his song and you interpreting together Maluma. He was also invited to comment on the NBA All-Star Game in February of this year.

According to Forbes magazine, This young man has a fortune of $ 4 million. Just Rae, his star TikTok the top winners collected an estimated $ 5 million last year.

D’Amelio has its own clothing collection and beauty line. Actually the press in the United States is addressing him “TikTok’s Queen” and his fame is not in vain.


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