Monday , October 25 2021

The shadow of Tomb Raider is now available



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With a new trailer, Kare Enix announced the layout of The Forge, the first DLC of Tomb Raider Shadow. Six on the way.

Existing since last October Forge, new downloadable content Tomb of the Raider. This is the first of seven DLCs that will come in this year and later. Although it can be obtained separately, Season Crossing from this title. It all depends on how comfortable it is for us.

This is the first DLC of the Tomb Raider Shadow.

Tomb Raider's shadow, an expandable experience

If you buy one by one, US $ 4.99 and Season Crossing full equals $ 29.99. Available for all current versions of this game, it is exactly on Tuesday 13th November. This note is included and the last event in the trailer X018 We can see some of these extra offers.

In this new role Tomb of the Raider, Lara Croft a face to face Tomb Grave lava Any misstep would mean death before molten rock flows. A bad fall and banged without resort. It should not be forgotten that this difficulty may be in itself or in the company of a friend. Thanks to all the cooperation modality.

A DLC with a high level of challenge and a good challenge

However, in this case it should be well co-ordinated or disastrous. It is assumed that Lara will discover this task. "Legacy of an old friend". Who will be treated? Not completely clear, just play this downloadable content, will leave doubts. When we talk about these times and the DLC, one of the biggest concerns is storage space.

well Forge between Tomb of the Raider It is relatively small since it only measures 3GB. At this time, it is confirmed that the next downloadable content for the game will be published in December, but the nature is not disclosed. It may be a similar task or something completely different, but it doesn't take long to leave doubts about it.

now Tomb of the Raider Available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. If you are already playing ForgeShare your impressions. Thanks to CB for details.

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