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The most common mistakes made after exercise | Health | magazine

for dinner? Drink water? To lengthen? Yes, according to research, all of this should be done after a routine.

Living a healthy life is not only achieved by changing your diet, it is also necessary to supplement food with an exercise routine. However, you should keep in mind that there are some things you should avoid while completing the exercises.

Stretching exercises to do before and after walking

1. Hydrate

After sweating, it is necessary to balance your body with the mineral salts of the water, it is a big mistake not to do it.

According to Physical Education Medicine specialist Antonio Luque Rubia, by not replacing lost mineral salts, a person is exposed to dehydration, which has an immediate impact on physical performance and overall health.

It is essential to drink water to replenish fluids and minerals, at the latest, after sports activity is over. Photo: Tobias Hase

He also recommends consuming water from the 45th minute of the routine when the thirst mechanism occurs, as the person in question has already lost 1% of their weight as a result of dehydration due to sweating.

2. Lack of consistency

Another mistake made is losing interest in exercise, so one day they do their routine and the next day they don’t, one week they go to the gym and the next week they don’t. Incompatibility does not allow the results to be seen and can be harmful to the body as it wears out and the body is prone to injuries so get an article on the website. BBC Mundo.

Photo: For Running

Given this issue, doing a home routine is a good option, and several trainers offer virtual routines with articles described and available at home. For example, personal trainer Luisa Pita Bejarano offers a few simple routines that can be done at home.

He explains step by step the correct postures, the laps to do, the time of each exercise, and the rest time to avoid injuries.

3. stretch

It is important to do stretching before as well as after the routine; This is known as a cool down and helps the body function better. In addition, by including them in the routine, your body will become more and more flexible, which will allow you to perform exercises with great difficulty.

The most common mistakes we make when going for a walk

Personal trainer Carlos Bruce explained in an article in this journal that stretching after exercise helps flush excess lactic acid from the muscles and reduces pain caused by physical activity.

Stretching exercises lasting at least 20 seconds should be performed with large muscle groups such as legs, arms and neck.

4. Incoming

If you think that eating after a workout is unproductive or unreasonable, you’re making a mistake.

What to eat before and after training for best results?

What you consume is irrelevant to “weight loss” due to exercise routine, in fact several scientific studies have shown that intake of foods containing carbohydrates is essential. to prevent the appearance of fatigue and to improve athletic performance. However, it is important to know what type of food you should consume and this will depend on your lifestyle and the type of exercise you do. So consult a nutritionist about this.

Nutritionist Jessica Orellana shares her various post-workout snack options on social media. (I)

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