Thursday , May 19 2022

"The Government's Priority is the continuity of jobs and public investments nationwide"


César Villanueva

President of the Council of Ministers César Villanueva Arévalo closed down the induction workshop at Tarapoto for the elected municipal authorities of San Martin today and stressed that such a transfer was made for the Government for the first time. continuity of nationwide jobs and public investments.

The closing ceremony was held at the San Martin National University Civil Engineering Faculty auditorium and was counted with the participation of state ministers and local authorities.

"The highest priority that our government wants to give to the towns, provinces and regions is the fact that we have thousands of unfinished projects in our country and the population of the main damage is the end of the population. If we work together, we can help each other.

In this line, Villanueva said, "We have to work as a team. We have certain certainty that we don't think about political shirts. We think that we are the authorities who have the same responsibilities in our own fields. because my people chose me and I have to know how to manage my region. halk

The training workshop organized at the university since last Thursday aims to strengthen the capacities of department and municipal authorities in order to start decentralized management, which is to provide local governance processes and services to ensure continuity.

In parallel with the event in Tarapoto, the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers (PCM) organized an induction workshop for the elected municipal authorities of Madre de Dios and Tumbes on Thursday and Friday.

Developed topics include: "The role of mayors", "Municipal organization for service provision", "Continuity of municipal services", "Public administration and staff recruitment", "Solid waste management" "Corporate Transfer and Control", "Strategic State "Commitment to Citizens' Security", "Regional and Municipal Finance and Investments" and "Rights to Public Services".

Workshops are part of a program for bölgesel good transfer and initiation of municipal and regional governance parç carried out by the PCM through SD.

During his working visit, the Council of Ministers met with representatives of the Chamber of Commerce of San Martin. Development and Innovation Strategy in this region.

Similarly, the owner of PCM participated in the seventh session of the San Martín Forest Regional Reconstruction Technical Committee in the center of the Amazon Research Institute of Peru (IIAP).

This meeting was also held with the participation of San Martín Regional Director Víctor Noriega. The Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation Gustavo Mostajo; UNDP 's representative in Peru is Maria del Carmen Sacasa, the in – house coordinator of the United Nations System.

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