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Selling sales record for "One Day" in China: US $ 30,800 million

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Every year on November 11, Bachelor 's Day celebrations in China once again broke a record in the country.

Within 24 hours, sales of US $ 30,800 million were realized with a growth of 27 percent compared to last year's edition. 180,000 Chinese and foreign brands were added, more than 1,000 million orders were made for product deliveries, and more than 40% of consumers bought foreign brands (concentrated in Japan, USA, South Korea, Germany and Australia).

International firms such as Apple, Dyson, Kindle, Estee Lauder, Lééal, Nestlé, Gap, Nike and Adidas have a strong position in the purchase of Chinese consumers. Certainly, they are sold from mobile phones to food and beauty products, among others.

The Alibaba platform, which manages the operations, exceeded its own record with US $ 27,000 million, according to Fernando Vilella, professor of Agricultural Management at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and a specialist in trade issues in China. .

In one day, Vilella said that the sale of this web platform is about half of the total exports of Argentina in a year, that is, about $ 60,000 million.

We do not know how Argentina is this internet sale in China. Last year's edition, according to Vilella, the Argentine shrimp was not offered for sale at two o'clock in the morning and was the same as the Malbec wine at three o'clock. According to the expert, this year the Argentine embassy in charge of Guelar of Argentina made improvements to increase the logistics of national products.

In different meetings with agricultural chains, President Mauricio Macri encouraged Argentinean companies
To participate in this celebration to sell more in China.

It's worth remembering
"Soltero Day" is a day in the United States with discounts such as Black Friday, but this event sells four to five times less. The celebration emerged from a group of students in the nineties from Nanjing University as a way against Valentine's Day. They chose the date because they consisted of a single -11 / 11- four number. Alibaba saw the opportunity and registered the brand in 2009: Couple 11.

The CEO of Alibaba Group for Daniel Zhang, the electronic commerce will continue to rise in China; 17.5% of total sales today
The CEO of Alibaba Group for Daniel Zhang, the electronic commerce will continue to rise in China; 17.5% of total sales today Credits:

Sales have strong support in the Chinese middle class. Today, the entire Chinese middle class is 300 million people and will be 500 million by 2030, according to various estimates.

Despite the one-day sales figures, China only 17.5% of the trade in China. In In the future, people's lifestyles will change with the development of new technologies and business models, inin said Daniel Zhang, CEO of Alibaba Group.

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