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Ruth Karina called Cesar Hinostroza to make an appointment and "ask her some things"


November 15, 2018 16:15.

This Friday is new sound There are other heroes from former Supreme Judge César Hinostroza – now in Madrid (Spain) – techno-industrial singer Ruth Karina – imprisoned.

Chats on May 28, 2018 are published by the Wayka portal. César Hinostroza called Euforia's former vocalist, Ruth Karina.

In video broadcast You can hear the cumbia singer César Hinostroza "Doctor, I want to know if you can make an appointment for me, please tell me, where and when I want to ask you something," said the artist.

Here is the transcription of sound:

César Hinostroza (CH): Aló

Ruth Karina (RK): Hello, good evening. Greetings Ruth Karina annoys here once again.

CH: I hear you, how are you, what's new?

RK: Doctor, can you make an appointment for me, please? Tell me where and when. I wanted to ask her something.

CH: Already. If not urgent, go on Friday. Could be on Wednesday if not urgent.

RK: Already, what time on Wednesday

CH: Afternoon, afternoon, more or less, 3 and a half, 4.

RK: Then I won't. It would be better on Friday. What do you think

CH: Friday morning, 9 a.m. No more than 9 to 11.

RK: 9 from 11 to e. Couldn't this be an afternoon, doctor?

CH: No, because I already … see me, tell me.

RK: Regardless of what I've invited me on Friday, I'll keep an eye on the newspaper, and they've also recorded a video about what football is and what Peru is. I offered to register with Gaitán Castro and Cecilia Barraza. That's why they told me it was Friday morning. Then it could be on Thursday.

CH: Already Thursday afternoon.

RK: Well, then exactly where and where.

CH: There's no place in the office.

RK: How do you say?

CH: In the office.

RK: Ya. Four or three in the afternoon?

CH: Three and a half.

RK: Three and a half. Where? I don't know from the office (laughs)

CH: In the palace, in front of the Sheraton.

RK: Either in the palace in front of the Sheraton. Even when I'm here, I'il call him.

CH: Third floor.

RK: Third floor. He's already a doctor. Then I visit him at 3:30 in the afternoon on Thursday.

CH: But you call me a couple hours before you let me know.

RK: Okay, sure. Already a doctor, very polite. So we'il see you on Thursday. Thank you so much

CH: Now … ready.

RK: Blessings.

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