Sunday , June 20 2021

Rejection of alternative medicines

Since its emergence, alternative and complementary medicines known as CAM have been questioned by science. Scientific medicine does not accept them on the grounds that they do not have the basis to support them.. Proponents of these theories always resist. They accuse scientists of giving priority to examinations, drugs and organ therapy, regardless of the spiritual aspect of the human being. In any case, scientific medicine rejects alternative medicine.

Evaluating the patient and other theories

Alternative medicine advocates, scientific medicine it does not take into account the sick person. Confirmed evidence, comparative analysis, and controlled studies for them are trivial.

However, support for these theories is still unclear. Beliefs and compassion are more important than scientific evidence in alternative therapies. The spiritual part of man is more valuable than clinical studies and verifiable facts.

Because they do not accept medical criteria, CAM world is full of scientifically proven theories. When they try to validate them and fail, they claim that science doesn’t apply to them.

Scientific medicine is neither risk free nor wrong. However, it has a previously measured and protocolized probability of success in patients prior to use.Acupuncture

The world of alternative medicine is as well known as deadly according to statistics. A report prepared in 2019 by the Association to Protect the Patient from False Scientific Therapies or APETP does not provide very encouraging figures. It indicates that these sciences kill about 1,400 people in Spain each year. The economic and health damages they leave are added.

In the current coronavirus situation

Currently, the use of alternative therapies has increased significantly with the Covid-19 outbreak.. Cases of people drinking methanol as a preventative remedy have been documented in Iran. Cases of disinfectant use as a means of countering the virus have been reported in the United States. All these events contributed to the increase in deaths around the world.

The National Institute of Toxicology in Spain reported about 30 poisonings with a weak acid and sodium chloride mixture.. This is a well-known alternative treatment against autism, cancer, malaria, and Covid-19 for a long time. It is a highly toxic gas used to disinfect surfaces.

The rejection of alternative drugs remains a secret. Scientists claim that they lack a support base. Advocates insist on human importance. Analyze the postures and draw your own conclusions.

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