Tuesday , May 17 2022

Peru and Ecuador LIVE: Jairo Concha U-20 with 'Bicolor & # 39; scored a great goal for a comeback | VIDEO


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Under the Peruvian Team 20, the category is ready for the South American Championship. Chile, 2019. Part of the preparation of the team led by Daniel Ahmed is the intimate quadrant of Venezuela, which is developing with the right foot of Venezuela Bicolor Daniel.

Once you have lost it, you will be able to select & quot; Blanquirrojita & # 39; the second half reacted and ended with a goal Jairo Concha. The player draws attention in Peruvian football and much talk about his call to the Peruvian Director National Team Ricardo Gareca. However, the steering wheel now burns the stages with the U-20.

The 86th minute of the match came and the ball reached the position of San Martin. Jairo Concha controlled the unmarked ball on the edge of the half-moon of the opposing area, but the attacker immediately noticed that the defensive approached him to end the play, so he settled on the ground to pull the whip.

Totally peace of mind, Jairo Concha He finished his right foot and nailed the goalkeeper Wellington Ramírez on the right side. You can see Golazo and were delighted with the local press. The victory of the Peruvian team was made with 2-1 before connecting to Alec Deneumostier.


Peruvian Under-20 Team joins the four-part tournament VenezuelanLocal representative with Bolivia and the Ecuador in question.

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