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On Sunday, April 11, many citizens will not be able to vote due to various circumstances. 2021 General Elections. However, they can provide a de facto justification and will not be fined if they comply with electoral legislation.

National Selection Jury (JNE) authorized next platform Conducting the election exemption process and give reasons for election penalties. The service will be activated seven days a week and 24 hours a day, and registered requests will be responded to within a maximum of two days.

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How to request a waiver to avoid paying a fine?

From the day after the general elections on April 11, the fine to process the relevant exemption can be found on the portal.

Under current election legislation, a citizen can request a waiver of the fine for not voting for reasons. travel abroad for health, work or health, natural disasters, identity theft or loss of identity, death of a direct relative, physical or mental disability, prison, electoral function, electoral roll error.

In these elections to be held during the state of emergency due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), JNE included all people thought to be at risk for this virus.

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Risk groups established by the National Health Authority include: People over the age of 65 and those suffering from serious cardiovascular diseases, chronic lung diseases, uncontrolled high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, among others.

The following are also included: If there is a temperature above 37.5 degrees, it is prevented from entering the voting centers, their names will be registered by ONPE staff.

It should be noted that citizens must enter their DNI data (number, location code and voting group) to save their exemption. Next, they must complete the information that the system will request and upload all supporting documents scanned and in PDF or image format.

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Likewise, they must enter the payment receipt for the transaction fee. This payment can be canceled via Banco de la Nación’s system using the code 01465.

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