Thursday , August 5 2021

New widescreen folding phone raises doubts | WORLD

Samsung showed us what is your vision for the future of smartphones at an event in San Francisco yesterday. On this occasion, it is a future where the phones have a screen that can be folded to take up less space when not in use.

Justin Denison, vice president of product marketing for the South Korean company, pulled out of the inside pocket of his jacket last week in which the rumors were focused: a flexible smartphone. Obviously, it focused on showing how compact an action device is even though it has a much larger screen than the current ones.

Although it could only be seen briefly, it was enough to show the concept that the company had in mind: a phone with a small display when folded – in the meantime, to access the functions – a large screen on the rear with exactly the same built-in 7-inch without compromising on portability. it reaches.

Among the many questions that come from such smartphones, one of the most important is the relative availability on a daily basis, which Samsung solves with the smaller sized screens mentioned earlier. However, here, as can be seen in an amount of images, as a result of the folded terminal, it gains an important dimension that would be abnormal to see on any other phone nowadays.

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