Tuesday , May 17 2022

Naruto: Masashi Kishimoto announces the cause of Jiraiya's death


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In the entire Naruto series, the death of Jiraya was one of the craziest games for anime audiences. However, the creator of the program Masashi Kishimotothe murder of one & # 39; Legendarios Sannin & # 39; The pain had a target for his hero.

"Family Sasuke The desire for revenge in his heart continues so he was killed. but Naruto She didn't experience it. Later, when Naruto lost Jiraiya, a figure like his father, he understood Sasuke's first-ever position. From there, what would Naruto do? "Kishimoto has declared For ComicBook website.

The death of Jiraya will involve the pain of losing a man close to his heart and putting himself in the shoes of young Uchiha. This helps her to rescue her best friend and find a way to grow as a human being.

Naruto first in 1999 manga, followed by the so-called sequel, Naruto ShippudenThe television series was published in 2007 and was a 500 part feature. Story goes on until now Boruto: Naruto New Generation.

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