Tuesday , October 19 2021

My Eyes: Application that allows you to "lend your eyes" to a blind person


Applications can help others not only to order food or make an appointment, but also to help others. This is the case My Eyes An app that connects visually-impaired or visually impaired people during a conversation with vision volunteers.

How does it work?

After downloading the application, it should indicate whether the user is visually impaired or visually impaired, or if he is a visually impaired volunteer. After a small record and a process that specifies the user's languages, the application is ready to use.

The help requests are sent to more than one volunteer and assigned to the first responder. The volunteer will be the eye of the person who is asking for help through video calls and who can help him with tasks such as checking the expiration date of a meal or reading a street sign.

As a video teacher explains, a volunteer can wait a week to receive a first aid request. This is due to the large number of volunteers (1.7 million) for more than 103 thousand registered blind users.

My Eyes More than 150 countries and more than 180 languages ​​available. The application is free and available android and iOS.

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