Thursday , September 29 2022

Minagri: Prices of lemons will remain high until December | Economics | Peru


lemon priceA significant increase in recent days, the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation warned today, which will not declare a ceasefire until the first week of December.the Minagr).

In the main markets of Lima lemon already According to the channel N, the normal price is S / 4 when S / 10 is sold as a kilo.

In addition, in some wholesale markets in the north of the country, lemon price It reached hundreds of S / 8 quarters (a few weeks ago to S / 4).

The reason for an increase seasonal phenomenon, shortage lemon north of the country. There was also an increase in the price of avocado and rococo as well as other foods.

"The main production areas on August 1 lemonHarvest is done. This season, the product is abundant and we have a normal price, " the Minagr, Alfredo León.

He added that in September, October and November he added a new product that is not yet ready for harvest. ”Therefore, the lemon is less and the price tends to rise,“ he said.

Official, prices only First week of DecemberBecause the supply in the markets Metropolitan Lima they would return to normal.

According to BCP, annual inflation Due to base effect, it will continue to accelerate in the last two months of the year. Thus, they expect inflation to close at a level close to 2.5%.

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