Friday , August 19 2022

Metropolitano: Passage S / 2.50 back to the end of the arbitration


A breath for metropolitan users. At the request of the Protransporte, the Judicial Power service operators ordered the speed increase, which has been implemented since November 7, to suspend S / 2.85 when they begin to travel in the baggage.

The precautionary measure was arranged by the Civil Society Court of the Ninth Trade, which was granted a 10-day period for the protestor to begin arbitration, resulting in settlement of the dispute over the ticket price.

As long as this process is in progress, the ratio should be kept at S / 2.50. However, if the council does not submit an arbitration request, the suspension becomes ineffective and operators can increase the rate again. For now, companies have announced that they will abide by the judicial provision and will not appeal.

In its statements, the Court notes that the tariff update variables used by the operators, including drivers' salaries and vehicle natural gas prices, are üler foreign to those included in the concession agreement Mahkeme. Accredited in a report from the Comptroller Office.

In addition, the Metropolitan Investment Fund (Invermet) evaluated a report and warned that the proposal for tariff raising rapor contained a different cost structure than that created in contracts Ayrıca.

The court confirmed that the passive calculation formula contains "variables not published by government officials". As a result, it states that "these variables are not possible to be published (…) or" (increased) until the contract is amended ".


Lima International Bus representative José Díaz León said the S / 2.50 rate will be charged today. However, to apply the increase to S / 2.85, it is worth remembering that the pickup operator takes 12 days to calibrate his / her collection machines. It was claimed that this technical procedure was a “minimum period Bu.

Protransporte spokesman Raúl Fernández said the precautionary measure is already in force and therefore the operators should return to Lima for the over-collection they made while not returning the previous tariff.

Díaz León stated that the measure had no retroactive effect, so it is not appropriate to present the mayor to the mayor's office as Mayor Luis Castañeda, on 7 and 8 November.

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