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La Casa de Papel has undoubtedly been successful all over the world. Netflix made a good move by taking over the series that first aired on Antena 3. So this title will have its fifth season, first airing in April 2021, but eventually everything changed.

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La Casa de Papel, season 5: Why was the premiere date changed?

The fifth season in the history of the most feared robbers is scheduled for this April, but this will not happen after the news list published by the Netflix platform. The COVID outbreak has delayed filming and the drama is still under construction, although filming is over.

Netflix aired the drama to be released this April, and there is a second season of Héroes del Silencio’s documentary, Luis Miguel, and the Explicit Letters documentary, but there is still no news about La Casa de Papel.

La Casa de Papel 5: leaks

What happened in the last episode of La Casa de Papel 4?

After the shocking death of Nairobi (Alba Flores), the Professor strategically decided to “tear down the tent”. This also included the rescue of “Lisboa”, who was captured by the police and interrogated to reveal the whereabouts of Sergio Marquina.

The final scenes of La Casa de Papel record the entry of Raquel Murillo into the Bank of Spain with a brilliant maneuver of the Professor who once again manages to deceive the team led by “Colonel Tamayo”. However, the leader of the gang of robbers did not celebrate for long as the episode ended when Inspector Alicia Sierra discovered her hiding place and pointed directly to the famous criminal.


La Casa de Papel: Will there be a sixth season on Netflix?

House of Paper should end in season 5, which is currently under construction and is scheduled for its premiere this 2021. However, Mario de la Rosa, who played Suárez in fiction, assures that no one has confirmed this right now. be the last.

“Everyone is telling me about the end of La Casa de Papel, I don’t know, I know this is the end of the robbery. The actor from his Instagram account said in a statement from his Instagram account, ‘the robbery is coming to an end,’ but I don’t know if the story will continue later.

Let’s remember that the fourth season ended with the death of Nairobi, one of the most beloved characters in history. A final intrigue, because it has not been confirmed that the world’s most beloved criminals managed to escape from the Bank of Spain to get the gold inside the vault.


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