Thursday , January 21 2021

Jorge Yoshiyama acknowledges simulating contributions for Fuerza 2011

Yoshiyama's lawyer said that after his client's testimony there was no danger of absconding and should be kept in custody.

Jorge Yoshiyama Sasakione of the ones researched by CocktailHe went to the prosecutor's office, explaining that he had imitated the party's contributions. 2011 forced.

The statement read by the prosecutor during the trial José Domingo PérezAfter the demand made by his uncle, it was announced that people were trying to contribute to the Fujimorist party. Jaime Yoshiyama Tanaka.

"In the summer of 2011, about February or March, my uncle Jaime Yoshiyama He invited me to his home to ask if he had friends with economic payouts to imitate the campaign contributions. 2011 forced […]. He told me that he got money from businessmen who gave me cash, but Keiko Fujimori said they didn't want to appear publicly to contribute to his campaign.

According to the public prosecutor, after the phantom contributors had achieved, Jaime Yoshiyama He took her back to her room and pulled out a $ 100,000 security package and receipts for contributions. 2011 forced. , He gave me a Scotiabank account to deposit money, he told me that these should be kids; I mean, it's supposed to be $ 10,000 each, not bigger. "

Both of the economic obligations are those of Giancarlo Bertini Vivanco and Erick Matto Monge, who acknowledged that his friends wanted to contribute for themselves.

After emerged by Jorge Yoshiyama Before the prosecutor, his lawyer said that co-operation with the justice system is not in danger of escape and that he should not go to prison. "I ask you to apply with restrictions, I will allow my client to participate in each month of the month to register his signature;

LEE: & # 39; Case Cocktail: Witnesses claim Jorge Yoshiyama caught up with the wrong contributors

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