Tuesday , September 28 2021

Jessica Newton downplays accusation of former Ms. Junín | SHOW

head Miss Peru, Jessica Newtondecided on the statements made by the former Miss Junín to the program “love and fire”.

Via Instagram, a user asked Jessica Newton about the incident. “What do you think of the show that former Miss Peru Junín did in ‘Amor y fuego’?” netizens noticed.

President of Miss Peru belittling Maydú Gamarra and the program hosted by Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter.

TO LOOK: Ms Junín dismisses Jessica Newton as ‘obstacle’: “It bothers or burns them, I was the queen”

“(No idea) Nothing! 1. I don’t watch that program. 2. I don’t know who the girl is”, Jessica Newton pointed. “Don’t waste your life on people or things that have no value”, Additional.

Recall that during the programme, former Miss Junín assured Jessica Newton that there would be no valid reason to dismiss her just four days after winning the crown.

“I have done nothing wrong, if they are going to judge me for things in the past… I have angered them, stinged or burned them, I was absolutely queen, I took the crown and no one will take it away from me. My pleasure for giving the band of Miss Peru Junín”, He claimed.

Source: Instagram Jessica Newton


Allison Pastor in America Today

Allison Pastor went bankrupt after criticism on Queens of the Show:
Allison Pastor couldn’t help breaking down when she talked about her disappointment at all that was said about her and her participation on the Gisela Valcárcel show. (Source: America TV)


  • Jessica Newton fires Miss Junín just 4 days after coronation

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