Thursday , September 29 2022

Hand in hand with the new 2018 MacBook Air


Hand in hand with the new 2018 MacBook Air

Apple recently renewed the 2018 MacBook Air with a thin body, thinner frames, Touch ID, and released yesterday and added our hands to one of the equipment updates.

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wise design, MacBook Air it looks very similar to the previous generation of the model, but now comes in Silver and Gold Space in addition to Silver. Ultra thin and ultra portable are not as thin and lightweight. MacBookbut Apple has optimized its design.

new MacBook Air It is 10 percent thinner than the previous model, has a lower volume of up to 17 percent and weighs a quarter pound at 2.75 pounds.

The Force Majeure Trackpad was added to the MacBook Pro components, including the third generation of touchpad and keyboard butterflies. MacBook AirThere will be significant changes for anyone updating an old machine that does not have these features.

There has been some debate with the keyboard butterfly. MacBook and MacBook Pro However, this third generation version has more silicon barrier to protect the crumbs and reduce the failure rates.

New like 2018 MacBook Pro models MacBook Air a T2 chip and Touch ID It is used to use the password as a backup, but has no Touch of the Bar. It also uses USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 ports, reducing USB, SD card slot and MagSafe 2 ports.

First time MacBook Air with a retina display, MacBook Pro and MacBook. It's so bright and not alive MacBook ProThis is a great improvement from the screen, but still according to the non-retina model.

The screen has black frames that are much more modern than the thick silver slope of the previous generation of the model.

Interior MacBook Air It is equipped with a 7W 8th generation Core i5 Intel processor. It doesn't like the high power of pre-used 15W chips MacBook Air The models, however, offer improvements at previous speeds from machines used on older Broadwell chips and are super efficient because they use less power.

new MacBook Air It has the longest battery life of any Apple laptop, up to 12 hours while browsing the Web and up to 13 hours while watching iTunes movies.

Apple, with all these new features, has an entry level of $ 1,199. MacBook Air 128GB hard drive and 8GB of RAM, $ 200 more than the basic model MacBook Air It cost cost. This does not touch the 2017 entry level as well as the price level and does not touch the Bar. MacBook Pro and 12 inch Retina MacBook.

but MacBook Air Apple's low-priced modern laptop and rich feature set, long-lasting battery and thinner casing, the appeal of a machine ideal for people who need a laptop to do things such as web browsing, creative work, writing, office work and other similar light of tasks.

Not so strong MacBook Pro and it's not so portable MacBookHowever, an excellent mid-way machine to meet the needs of most Mac users.

Did you get a new 2018 MacBook Air? Let us know what you think about the machine.

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