Thursday , July 29 2021

Extends Logging with Twelve Southern CaddySack, New Options for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

Extends Logging with Twelve Southern CaddySack, New Options for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

South Twelve announced today that they are making new additions to Newspaper products, including a new CaddySack Magazine for daily options and accessory storage for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

The MacBook Diary is designed to work with 13 and 15 inches, priced at $ 149.99. MacBook Pro With models and new 13 inch Retina MacBook Air.

We had the opportunity to check the MacBook for the Journal before it was released. It has a rich, soft skin of cognac color that will take you to a single patina for years, and as the name suggests, it looks like a log full of outside spine.

It is accompanied by a soft black inner microsuede that protects the outer skin. MacBook Offers a bit of scratches and filling light. When it expands, the lower part MacBook At the bottom of the magazine, the upper part is held in place with two elastic.

Inside, in the Magazine case, there is a secret pocket where you can safely store documents. The entire magazine has a zipper cover with two zip fasteners and thus does not come out during transport.

Twelve South is also the introduction of CaddySack Magazine, an alternative to the already existing BookBook CaddySack. CaddySack Magazine is designed to match the magazine at $ 90 MacBook for iPhone and iPhone.

At the same time, the interior with an attractive gray rifle is made of soft leather chalk, which will improve a single look over time.

CaddySack has several elastic and velcro straps in one MacBook Power adapter, charging cables, backpacks, an Apple Pen and other accessories. There is also a pocket with a zipper on top for other smaller rates and tips.

All the belts in CaddySack are adjustable, giving you the flexibility to decide what you need in everyday use. In another product log, CaddySack zippers are closed to protect everything you find inside.

The twelve Souths of the New Product Magazine can be purchased today from the South Doce website.

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