Thursday , August 11 2022

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Yeah, it's split in two. It's like a book. In the end, everyone – almost literally – showed what he expected. Justin Deison, Senior VP of Mobile Product Marketing at Moscone Center West, San Francisco, demonstrated his mobile phone with a flexible display. Infinity Flexible DisplayThe South Korean brand This allows the phone to be folded (inward) and into a tablet. We Knowing what you can do about the device in the front row is in California.

It should be said that there was an incident. Samsung Developer Conference 2018, annually planned to announce new technologies applied to its products. So it turns out that they don't have a lot of details, but what will happen in the near future has a little taste.


The new Samsung mobile phone screen that doubles as a laptop. (Video: Gabriela Machuca)

In principle, what is the basis of a screen concept with these features? Samsung He argues that nomadic lifestyles become increasingly popular, that is, how much we move and how we want to connect, that we need to manage / own a larger but easily portable device. They then undertook the task of creating a 7.3-inch screen that could be folded into a mobile phone that could fold a mobile phone. For certain reasons, this is a glass, not a flexible and durable unspecified material. To ensure proper operation, they use a special folding adhesive that increases the elasticity of the screen and keeps it firm, which will be on and off. Just like a notebook.

Similarly, this new phone line had two screens. A facade that can be used on any mobile phone. And another interior that is deployed makes the device almost a tablet. In the second, the user interface created in collaboration with Google will allow the setting of windows up to three different applications in various sizes of the screen.

Therefore, it was a prototype that was seen during the presentation. Deison said the phone wasn't ready yet (so they closed the enclosure's lights after the bag was pulled, perhaps focusing on the screen, not the whole design of the audience). It will be available in 2019.

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