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China presents the world's largest 5G mobile phone network | China | Mobile phone | Huawei World

Three-state mobile operator China On Thursday, they launched their first 5G mobile phone service; it succeeded in achieving its goal of becoming a technological force, even though the country continued to face trade. United States of America.

China Mobile Ltd.The country's largest operator presented its network in packages in 50 cities, including Shanghai and Shenzhen, at low prices up to 128 yuan a month. Competitors China Telecom Corp. and China Unicom Hong Kong Ltd. also offered similar rates of services.

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Operators had planned to start serving next year; however, the United States accelerated deployment when it expanded the boycott of China's technology giant and 5G equipment supplier. Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.. Operators in the United States introduced 5G in some parts of some cities without using Huawei equipment, and South Korea presented its own version in April, but China is part of companies that will quickly become the largest supplier due to its large population and investments.

"Other countries have launched 5G services earlier this year, but China will have the world's largest 5G commercial network on Friday," he said. Chris Lane and other analysts Sanford C. Bernstein. In a comment to customers on Wednesday. "The scale of the network and the price of 5G services will have a fundamental impact on the entire supply chain."

Local media reported first that operators will offer 5G services from Friday. On Thursday morning, three operators were already offering access to the service.

Subscribers in China – more than 10 million people pre-registered for 5G – will have access to faster video and games, more virtual reality applications, and better mobile video conferencing performance.

5G packs China Mobile For more intense users, they look like 4G plans up to 588 yuan a month.

Largest cities like Pekin, Shanghai and Shenzhen, before they get full coverage. The three operators foresee a total capital expenditure of 302,000 million yuan this year.

The promotion scale of the 5G infrastructure in China is particularly important for Huawei. Craftsmanship in the world's largest market can reduce the impact of a US campaign on other countries installing Huawei equipment, which it accuses of presenting a security threat. Despite pressure from the United States, Huawei said in July that it signed more than 60 commercial contracts to provide a worldwide 5G network, including at least 28 in Europe.

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