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4 finalists: Julio César Uribe's son competed in the program but did not convince the jury [VIDEO]

November 11, 2018, 8:30.

The "4 finalists" have been renewed this season with the participation of experienced participants, and this Saturday was the son of Julio César Uribe. Paulo Uribehaving a career in the world of songs.

Son of the old player Peruvian team entered the scene as a challenger and sang the song lovers To occupy one of the 4 chairs (in the sauce version); Although the spectator moved, the jury had another perspective.

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While singing a full song Eva Ayllónhe placed the jury on the face of the show, showing a surprise and shaking his head. Paulo Uribe.

The format of the program indicates that the opponent is (in this case). Paulo Uribeplaced in the center of the dance floor and illuminated in 4 circles of blue; However, only 3 were activated and the last one was red, so Uribe He couldn't make it through the galaxy.

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Cristian Rivero, loyal to her style, joked with her abolition. Paulo Uribe eliminate bad time and Marco Zunino Zunino added: "I voted for you (Paulo Uribe)."

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